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12-60 months


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AMD 1-15 million or its equivalent in other currency

Loan Amount

What is an automatically approved business loan/overdraft?

This loan is designed to help you develop your business and finance day-to-day operations. As part of this offer you can transfer your existing loans from other banks or credit organizations to Ameriabank.

If your application meets our eligibility criteria but is not approved automatically, our specialist will visit you at the place of your business to perform analysis and give your answer in person. If the answer is positive, you can get your loan on the same day by visiting the Bank.


Apply online

Get your answer within minutes

No early repayment fee

No mortgage

Get your loan without having to visit the Bank: all you need is an account with Ameriabank and a valid ID card.

Automatically refinance your loans in other banks without having to visit those banks for formalities.

Business loans AMD 15-30 Million

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Business loan or overdraft, AMD 15-30 million or its equivalent in other currency.

Business card

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Our business cards may be used by both companies and individual entrepreneurs and notaries.

Account Management

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Manage your accounts, make safe money transfers and payments without visiting the Bank.