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The upholding and development of ethics in Ameriabank is highly important. In their work and when performing their duties, during interaction with colleagues and clients, each employee must strictly comply with the defined rules of dress-code, manner of speaking and conduct pursuant to the rules of work ethics in the bank.

  • In dealings (whether oral or written) with colleagues and clients employees should be careful, balanced, respectful and amiable.
  • No lack of respect in communication is allowed, irrespective of employee’s position. Employees must not allow situations which may threaten the business reputation of the bank.
  • For the whole team and especially for front-line personnel regular trainings are organized to discuss work ethics rules and ensure high level of awareness and upholding of business ethics in the bank.
  • Where work ethics rules are grossly violated, disciplinary action can be taken with regard to the employee in accordance with the requirements of the bank’s internal regulations and the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia.

Extract from Ameriabank CJSC Code of Ethics & Conduct

Last updated on 30.12.2022 14:03