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Together, we make the world a better place for social welfare

We are responsible for the world we live in. We believe that every member of the society has a certain share of responsibility to make the world a better place. With great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility in all areas - from correct assessment of people’s needs to development of targeted solutions, from professional and personal growth of the team members and sense of security to creation of favorable conditions for the people living and creating around us, to improving the quality of life.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is our attitude, responsibility, respect and care for each other, people, the country and the planet.

Every step we take under the CSR policy produces its own result. Every tree planted by our team is our dream to make Armenia greener, every book donated to children in borderline villages is the dream to have better education, every plastic bottle not thrown into the waste bin is the desire to make the planet cleaner, every enterprise we support is the striving for sustainable development in our country.


Professional development courses

We participate actively in many international and local events, training courses and conferences. We learn and discover continuously, keep pace with the times, find inspiration in new knowledge, rejoice in achievements of the Amerians, take pride in skills and high performance of our teammates.



Every year, 100 students on the average do internship at Ameriabank. We value and emphasize the potential of young people and offer them the opportunity to start a career with us. The driving force of any society is the younger generation, giving sense to the present days of a country with their fresh, ambitious ideas and agile mindset.


Decent life

Every Amerian is offered a wide range of financial services on preferential terms to help them secure well-being and comfort for their families. Ameriabank stands by its employees in the most important moments of their lives.


Think green

Every Amerian thinks green, reducing use of water and paper, saving electricity, sorting waste, using recyclable materials in everyday work. That is the responsible attitude of our team towards our country and our planet.


Affordable and comfortable environment

We create a comfortable environment for every Amerian to have boundless freedom to work and create. Comfortably furnished colorful offices with innovative solutions, ramps installed at Ameriabank branches, affordable and unconstrained environment.


Healthy lifestyle

We organize various sporting events - yoga classes, sports tournaments in football, volleyball, chess, billiards; we offer our teammates annual packages for gyms on the best terms, and much more.


For years, the Ameria family has been involved in various charity projects, without announcing that, silently and behind the scenes. Over the years, we have been allocating funds for child health rehabilitation projects and supplying various medical centers with the necessary equipment, with active involvement of our partners and teammates. Currently, we pursue our charity projects determinedly, in cooperation with partner charity foundations.

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