Financial security tips
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Financial security tips

Your financial security is a priority for us

We do the best to secure safety of your accounts and cards. But remember that card security depends on you first of all.

Card details

Never, under no circumstances, disclose your card details to others, namely - the validity term of the card and the CVV code on the reverse side.


Personal data

Never share your passport details with strangers and do not record them on social networks.



Do not keep the card PIN-code in your wallet or phone, do not tell it to others, do not enter the PIN-code on online trade platforms. You need this four-digit number to withdraw cash from ATMs or make non-cash payments via POS-terminals.


One-time password

When making online payments, you will receive a one-time password via SMS sent to your phone number provided to the bank by you. Never disclose the one-time password to others.


By means of a phone call

Remember that the Bank’s employees contact you only from the phone numbers 010/012 56 1111. If you get a suspicious call from other phone numbers, and the caller says he/she is an employee of the Bank, please inform us accordingly.  

In online domains

Fraudsters might contact you via various messenger apps, online trading platforms or email. Do not share your card details, personal data, or the one-time password with others, do not transfer funds to people you do not know personally. 

While making a transaction via ATM

Before inserting the card, examine the machine and make sure that there are no extra devices attached to it. Do not use the machine, if there are extra devices, wires, adhesive tape or other foreign objects attached to its card reader, keyboard or cash slot.

While making a payment via POS-terminal

When paying with a card,
ask to bring the terminal to you or approach the cashier yourself.

When entering the PIN-code

When performing payments via cash machines or POS-terminals cover the keys so that the PIN you enter is not seen by third parties and not recorded by cameras.


How to check data?

If you have received a notice via email, phone, or otherwise about changes in a partner company’s banking details (including the Swift code), the place of operation, or other significant data, double check this information using alternative means of communication.

  • Write to an alternative email address, which, for sure, belongs to a trusted person within the company.
  • Contact the company using other means of communication, e.g., fax.
  • Check the data personally, contacting the vendor.
  • Call the partner company using another trusted phone number of the company.
Updated on 02.12.2021, 10:37