Payroll Projects
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Payroll Projects

For businesses with over AMD 2B annual turnover

We are here by your side whether you’re a budding business that sets future oriented goals and expands continuously or already have multiple accomplishments. We are here to help you streamline your financial operations.

We have developed this special project for your team members to get paid in an easy and convenient manner and to avail themselves of various benefits.


  • Simplified accounting processes
  • Custom pricing developed specially for the company
  • Confidentiality of amounts transferred
  • Special lending terms for employees
  • Possibility of ATM and POS installation on premises (in case of 200 and more employees)

Cards with Preferential Terms

Special terms apply to cards under the payroll projects. Your team will benefit from the perks offered by our cards, such as cashback at over 180 merchants, free cash withdrawal at our ATMs, etc. Learn More:

Special Loan Conditions for Employees

Your employees will be able to get loans online, directly to their cards or accounts in a couple of minutes (if they meet the bank requirements and we approve the application).

Learn More

24/7 Service

24/7 provision of information about accounts, cards, operations, etc.

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What card types may be offered to the employees?

Payroll projects enable each employee to get a debit and/or credit card, depending on the needs of the employee.

Can an employee get a line of credit on a payroll card?

Yes. Within the scope of payroll projects employees may receive a line of credit in the amount and under the conditions agreed with the company.

What benefits do the payroll projects offer to the employees?

We offer comprehensive packages of services enabling the staff of the company to get use of our services via a simplified procedure.

Last updated on 29.09.2021, 11:46