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Ameria Deposit

For businesses with over AMD 750M annual turnover


We offer a wide choice of deposit options to meet your needs. The versatility of our deposit options enables you to add and, within a certain limit, withdraw sums from your deposit account during the deposit term. Note that in order to use Ameriabank services, including making a deposit, you will need to have an active account in Armenian drams with Ameriabank. If your deposit is in a currency other than Armenian drams, we will open for you also an account in that currency. Our deposit options are available in Armenian drams, US dollars, euros and Russian rubles.

Flexibility in Saving

With Ameria Deposit, you are able to fully manage your savings: add sums or withdraw sums from your deposit account, or terminate the deposit before the due date1 at your convenience.

Manage Your Deposit without Visiting the Bank

Manage your cash easily: add sums any time without having to visit the Bank in person. Our Online and Mobile Banking solutions are always at your service.

Guarantee of Return of Deposit

Savings accounts within 16 million Armenian drams or foreign currency equivalent of 7 million Armenian drams are insured by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. Only private entrepreneurs are covered by the guarantee.

Make Your Savings in the Currency You Prefer

Ameria deposits are available in Armenian drams, US dollars, euros and/or Russian rubles. You can perform operations via your savings account in the currency of the savings account at the exchange rate effective in the Bank at that particular moment, except currency conversion transactions2. 1

This being the case, interest shall be recalculated at the rate effective in the Bank at that time for the actual duration of deposit term elapsed.
2Operations with savings account can be performed in the currency of your savings account at the exchange rate effective in the Bank at that particular time, except currency conversion transactions.

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Contact your area manager. Fill in your details, we will contact you in a short time and we will provide detailed advice, we will present the individual conditions developed especially for you.

The terms of deposit you can see here

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