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We are ready to offer our clients the following specific M&A services:

  • search and identification of the investor or target and preparation of relevant outreach documents (teaser, Information memorandum);
  • deal strategy, negotiations and project management advisory;
  • financial and Legal Due Diligence reports and support in the processes of their administration and presentation;
  • business plan development, financial modeling and sensitivity analysis;
  • business valuation reports, Synergy valuation report;
  • transaction support, including:
    • loan origination and leveraged buyout assistance,
    • deal structuring, payment structuring, ownership change, company registration/re-registration of companies or rights,
    • advisory on antitrust filing with state authorities (State Commission of Economic Competition Protection, Public Services Regulation Commission);
  • legal drafting (Letter of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Term Sheet, Share Purchase Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement) and negotiation support;
  • cost-deal review and analysis.

The price of services is negotiable. We offer customized payment terms to each client based on the type of services to be rendered, required amount of work and other spendings. The price is fixed in agreement for each client separately. 

  • The price of services is negotiable. Terms of services are negotiated with each client on contractual basis depending on type of service, scope of work required and other costs. 
  • The risk of using investment services is BORNE BY THE CLIENT. The Bank SHALL NOT REIMBURSE any losses or damages that the client may incur unless such losses and damages arise as a result of the negligent conduct of the Bank. 
  • Clients are free to communicate with the Bank via the channels they prefer: post or email. 
  • Where required under the Republic of Armenia Law “On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing”, we may request the client to provide additional information and documents to conduct “Know your customer” checks, as well as ask further questions during verbal communication.

Investment services are provided at the head office of "Ameriabank" CJSC, address: RA, c. Yerevan, 0010, V. Sargsyan 2:

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