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Foreign exchange operations

Currency exchange operations are part of your routine life. Our primary goal is to ensure the continuity of your business, sustainability of your operations and develop flexible solutions to suit your business needs. We offer competitive exchange rates to save your time and minimize exchange rate risks.

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Payroll projects

Current developments in the financial market make it pressing to apply advanced tools of finance management, tailored to meet your needs. If you want to provide to your employees a convenient access to their salary, Ameriabank’s payroll projects may be the best solution, as they are modern and flexible systems of timely payment of salaries through plastic cards.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer a safe and reliable way to keep your items of value or deliver assets into custody while executing deals. Ameriabank’s deposit boxes are a safe and uninfringible place to keep your cash, valuable items and important documents.

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Business account

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Business card

Our business cards may be used by both companies and individual entrepreneurs. We know that you need customized solutions to achieve your goals. While designing this type of card, our greatest desire was to create the best solution for you. With a BUSINESS card, you may access your money any time you need it.

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Automatically approved business loan/overdraft

This loan is designed to help you develop your business and finance day-to-day operations. As part of this offer you can transfer your existing loans from other banks or credit organizations to Ameriabank.

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Bank transfers

There are better and more convenient solutions, and more effective instruments, to help your business grow steadily. We offer bank transfers based on payment orders. Payment orders can be submitted at any Ameriabank branch office, via Online/Mobile Banking or phone banking.

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