Overdraft by Business Card under Loans Secured by Assets
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6-36 months


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Up to AMD 1-15 million or other currency equivalent

Loan amount

What is an overdraft by business card under loans secured by assets?

This loan is for the customers who have or have applied for a retail business loan secured by assets, in the amount of AMD 30 - 150 million or its equivalent in other currency.  

Under this loan product you can receive an overdraft on your business card issued by Ameriabank, in the amount of AMD 1 - 15 million or its equivalent in other currency.

Our specialist will get back to you within 1 business day, provided that you meet Ameriabank’s criteria.


No additional business analysis required

No additional collateral required (other than the existing one)

No early repayment fee

Apply online

Upload files and track your application online

Online business loan/overdraft

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This loan is designed to help you develop your business and finance day-to-day operations.

Collateral-Secured Loans AMD 30-150 Million

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Business loan/overdraft, AMD 30-150 million or its equivalent in other currency, collateral-secured.

Overdraft on Business Card

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Overdraft on business card based on the volume of your POS transactions, or account turnover.