Overdraft by Business Card under Loans Secured by Assets
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Overdraft by Business Card
under Loans Secured by Assets

For businesses with up to AMD 750M annual turnover

This loan is for the customers who have or have applied for a retail business loan secured by assets, in the amount of AMD 30 - 150 million or its equivalent in other currency.  

Under this loan product you can receive an overdraft on your business card issued by Ameriabank, in the amount of AMD 1 - 15 million or its equivalent in other currency.

  • No additional business analysis required
  • No additional collateral required (other than the existing one)
  • No early repayment fee
  • Apply online
  • Upload files and track your application online

Our specialist will get back to you within 1 business day, provided that you meet Ameriabank’s criteria.


6-36 months

Loan amount

Up to AMD 1-15 million or other currency equivalent

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Can I apply for a loan without visiting the Bank?

Yes, you can use the Bank's website to apply online for any business loan and track your application online. Our specialist will contact you if you meet the Bank’s criteria. 

Is business analysis required?

No, no additional business analysis is required for this type of loan. 

Is additional collateral required for this type of loan?

No, this type of loan is issued under the existing collateral, whatever the LTV ratio, with no additional collateral required.  

Where can I see the interest rates?

You can find the information about loan interest rates on the Bank’s official website by clicking on the respective loan product in the “Loans” menu. 

If you have further questions, call us at +374 10/12 561111 or visit the nearest branch office. For information about our locations and working hours click here.

What documents do I need to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan online, you need to provide certain basic data about your company or business (TIN, ID). At further stages, if other information or documents are required depending on the type of loan you choose, simply attach them online to the application. 

Are there any restrictions as to which industry you have to work in in order to get a loan?

Yes, the list of industries is available here.

 Overdraft via Business Cards (Visa Business/MasterCard Business) under Retail Business Loan Secured by Assets


Loan type

Overdraft via business cards under secured retail business loan



Business expansion; financing of current operations and other investments; transfer of outstanding business loans with other banks and credit organizations to Ameriabank CJSC    


Who may apply

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with at least 6-month business history


Sectoral restrictions

According to the Exclusion List

Loan terms

Minimum and maximum loan limit

AMD 1 million - 15 million or its equivalent in another currency. The limit cannot exceed 10% of the contractual amount of the loan with Ameriabank, whether currently effective or being considered. If the customer has more than one business loans, the calculation involves 10% of the largest loan or the aggregate sum of such loans.





Term (months)

6-36 months but in any case until the expiry of the principal agreement

Annual interest rate (fixed) 3

(APR: 14.8-16.9%)

(APR: 11.4-13.4%)

(APR: 9.8-11.7%)

Annual interest rate on non-utilized amounts


Other terms related to the interest rate

If the line of credit/overdraft is secured by cash or bonds issued by Ameriabank CJSC, the interest rate is:
- Applicable interest rate for cash/bond + 4%, but in any case not more than the rates specified above, if the loan and the collateral are in the same currency
- Rates specified above, if the loan and the collateral are in different currencies

Where insurance of the collateral is obtained by the bank at the wish of the client, the rate of interest is increased pro rata the share of each type of the collateral in the total value of the collateral by:
• 2.5% if the collateral is a vehicle, or
• 0.5% if the collateral is plant and equipment.
Where the insurance of real estate is obtained by the client, the interest rate will be reduced by 0.05%, based on the share of each type of assets in the total collateral.

Loan disbursement fee

1% of the loan amount

Loan cashing

As per the tariffs of the bank effective at each particular time



According to the schedule or at the end of the maturity period

Loan security

Security pledged under the principal agreement for the retail business loan secured by property


Insurance of property

The insurance of the pledged real estate is to be obtained only if it is or will be used for business purposes.
The insurance of real estate, vehicles and plant and equipment is maintained throughout the loan term:
1. If obtained by the client: at least for the amount of the outstanding principal/credit limit
2. If obtained by the Bank: to the extent of the outstanding principal/credit limit.
The following vehicles are not subject to insurance:
• Vehicles transporting hazardous materials (toxic substances, chemicals, radioactive and explosive  materials)
• Vehicles to be used in races, test drives; vehicles which have three wheels, snow removers, motorcycles, special purpose vehicles
• Taxis and rental cars

Loan service fees 1

Modification of the loan terms

AMD 25,000

Substitution of pledged property (for real estate; including change of the property owner)  

AMD 20,000

Substitution of pledged property (for vehicles; including change of the owner of the pledged vehicles)

AMD 10,000

Provision of pledge-related consents, permissions and references

AMD 10,000 (VAT included)

Change of the loan repayment date

AMD 10,000


Early repayment



Late payment fines and penalties

The interest rate specified in the loan agreement will continue to be applied to overdue loans.
Fine in the amount of 0.13 % of overdue loan/interest for each day of delay.


1 The fee is charged if the modification is requested by the client. Where there are several applicable fees for the same modification, the highest fee is charged and only once. Fees are not applicable in case of loans secured by cash, bonds and metal accounts. If the modification implies adding new collateral or involving a new guarantor, no fee is charged. These fees do not apply to the loans to agro-processing industry.


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