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Business Loan Online

For businesses with AMD 750M-2B annual turnover

What do you need to inject some fresh air into your business? New approaches, correct assessment of needs and solutions that are adequate to your challenges.

Technology is nothing if it doesn't create new values. All our initiatives and new services are designed to help your business develop and grow.

Apply for a business loan online without having to visit the Bank in person.

If you have an active account with Ameriabank, you can get your approval and money via an automated process provided your loan is within AMD 10 million.

If your loan or overdraft is secured by cash flows or guarantees, you can get your money immediately after automated approval, otherwise you can get the money within 2 business days. Loans secured by property are disbursed within 3 business days.

We are here to relieve you of paperwork. Use the saved time for your business.

  • Apply online
  • Partial collateral coverage: no need to pledge property to the full extent of loan amount
  • Upload files and track your application online
  • Automatically refinance your loans in other banks without having to visit those banks for formalities
  • Available in Armenian drams, US dollars, euros
  • Up to AMD 20 million or other currency equivalent
  • 1-5 years repayment period

Available in Armenian drams,
US dollars, euros


Up to AMD 20.000.000

 equivalent in AMD or other currency

1-5 years

repayment period

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Loan details

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Personal details

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Get your answer within 5 minutes or wait for our specialist to get in touch with you within 1 business day, if your loan is within AMD 10 million.


Terms and conditions

Secured by cash flows and guarantee (D.1.)

Secured by real estate or vehicle (D.2.)



Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (IE) with at least 6-month business history


Exclusion list

1.  Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under the Republic of Armenia
laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements
2.  Production or trade in weapons and munitions
3.  Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises,
4.  Trade in precious stones
5.  Currency exchange office
6.  Brokerage or bookmaking offices
7. Production, use of or trade in hazardous substances (like radioactive materials) other than pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture



D.1. AMD 1,000,000 - AMD 10,000,000 or equivalent in other currency (USD, EUR)

D.2. AMD 10,000,000 - AMD 20,000,000 or equivalent in other currency (USD, EUR)


Loan Amount


Loan term

1 year

3 years

5 years


Grace period (for principal):




For loans in AMD



D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 14,5%/15,5%

D.2. (Loan/overdraft): from 13%/14%

D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 15,5%/16,5%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 14%/15%

D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 16,5%/17,5%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 15%/16%



For automatically approved business loan/overdraft in AMD (D.1): from 13% (loan) or 14% (overdraft)



For loans in USD



D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 11,5%/12,5%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 10%/11%

D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 12,5%/13,5%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 11%/12%

D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 13,5%/14,5%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 12%/13%



For automatically approved business loan/overdraft in USD (D.1): from 10% (loan) or 11% (overdraft)


Annual interest rate*


For loans in EUR





D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 10%/11%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 8,5%/9,5%

D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 11%/12%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 9,5%/10,5%

D.1. (loan/overdraft): from 12%/13%

D.2. (loan/overdraft): from 10,5%/11,5%



For automatically approved business loan/overdraft in EUR (D.1): from 8,5% (loan) or 9,5% (overdraft)





Loan disbursement fee (chargeable lump-sum at the time of provision)

1% of loan amount



N/a in case of online application for score-based automatically approved SME loans/overdrafts





Late payment fee**

Fine in the amount of 0.13% of overdue loan/interest for each day beyond terms



Annuity (equal monthly installments consisting of a portion of loan and a portion of interest) in case of loans Principal payable at the end of term in case of overdraft





Early repayment



D.1: Cash flows, personal guarantees by business founders/beneficial owners and other physical and/or legal entities as requested by the bank


Loan security

D2: Cash flows, personal guarantees by business founders/beneficial owners and other physical and/or legal entities as requested by the bank, real estate5  or vehicle



The value of the loan security is included in the estimation of the LTV ratio in an amount not more than:



1.  Real estate: up to 100%


Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio

2.  Vehicles: 50%



While calculating the LTV ratio, the loan value is considered to be equal to the sum of (i) that portion of the requested loan that is above AMD 10 million, and (ii) outstanding unsecured credit obligations of the client. Furthermore, if the client’s outstanding unsecured credit obligations are above AMD 10 million, the LTV ratio is calculated only in relation to the requested amount, in full.



The insurance of the pledged real estate is to be obtained only if it is or will be used for business purposes. Insurance for pledged real estate and vehicles to be maintained throughout the term of loan:



1.  If by the Client: at least for the amount of the outstanding principal/credit limit



2.  If obtained by the bank: to the extent of the outstanding principal/credit limit. The following vehicles are not subject to insurance:


Pledge insurance

·     Vehicles transporting hazardous materials (toxic substances, chemicals, radioactive and explosive materials)



·     Vehicles to be used in races, test drives; vehicles which have three wheels, snow removers, motorcycles, special purpose vehicles



·     Taxis and rental cars


Application handling period

D.1. Immediately for automatically approved loans up to 2 business days for other loans


D.2 No more than 3 business days.


Validity period (period during which loan approval is effective)

7 business days


Form of disbursement

Wire transfer to bank account

**Whenever applied, the maximum annual rate or aggregate amount of fines and/or penalties under the Agreement shall be within the limits defined under the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Loans are issued in non-cash form in AMD or other currency, either lump sum or by tranches.
The following items may be considered as security:

  • cash, T-bills, standardized bullions of gold
  • fixed assets (immovable, movable), guarantees and warranties
  • cash flows, working assets or mixed collateral

Collateral Appraisal 
Fixed assets should be appraised by an independent company cooperating with the bank, subject to the company’s tariffs. Appraisal costs will be borne by the borrower. Appraisal costs vary within AMD 13,000-30,000 depending on the property type. Appraisal fee for the large property will be quoted on a case-by-case basis (negotiable).

Collateral Registration
All collateral registration costs (notarization, registration at the relevant branch of State Committee of the Real Estate Cadaster) will be borne by the borrower.

  • Such fees include:
  • Legal (notary) fee: AMD 14,000-16,000 (lump sum), if the loan is secured by a vehicle
  • Legal (notary) fee: AMD 13,000-20,000 (lump sum), if the loan is secured by real estate
  • Fee for statement from the cadaster on the real estate encumbrance: AMD 10,000
  • Security interest filing fee (for real estate): AMD 26,000
  • Armenian Police fee (lien and security interest in movable property): AMD 5,000 (lump sum)

Collateral insurance 
To the extent of the principal/outstanding loan, on annual basis. The collateral shall be insured by independent insurance companies cooperating with the bank. The following items are subject to insurance: real estate, except for land, movable property, inventories, such as finished goods, raw materials, etc. (upon request). Insurance costs shall be defrayed by the borrower.

When applying for a loan, make an informed decision

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