Special Terms for procurement of agricultural raw materials and canning items Business Loans
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Մոբայլ բանկինգ
AMD 30 - 150 million**

Loan amount

6 - 36 months


0% - 3.6%

Annual percentage rate (APR)

Agricultural loan with special terms

The following companies are eligible to make use of the offer for loans on special conditions for the agro-processing industry:

  • Companies dealing with procurement of grapes, fruit, vegetables, and other agricultural raw materials;
  • Companies dealing with procurement of can sacks and containers.


Wineries and brandy distilleries

Companies engaged in production of canned food, dried fruit, cheese and dairy products

Cold storage facilities, etc.



In borderline communities of Armenia - in full*
In other communities of Armenia - 10%
Interest rate - 13%

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Grace period

For procurement of grapes - 12 months
For procurement of other agricultural products, raw materials and containers - 6 months


Procurement of agricultural raw materials




6 - 18 months (up to 6-month grace period)

6 - 36 months* (up to 12-month grace period)

*Only in case of loans issued for procurement of grapes

Nominal annual interest rate (fixed)


Annual percentage rate (APR)

0% - 3.6%


In borderline communities of Armenia - in full*

In other communities of Armenia - 10%

Loan disbursement fee



1.      real estate - up to 100%

2.      vehicles - up to 50%

3.      fixed assets - up to 40%, etc.

Method of use


Cash withdrawal fee for the purpose of procurement of agricultural products, charged from the loan amount transferred to the bank account held with Ameriabank CJSC


*The activities of entrepreneurs receiving social support and operating in borderline settlements, approved by decision No. 1444-Ն of the Government of the Republic of Armenia as of December 18, 2014, procuring and processing agricultural raw materials in the same areas, are subsidize for no more than 14 percentage points.

**In individual cases, loans for an amount less than the specified minimum limit can issued for the term defined herein. When applying the specified interest rate for such loans, the percentage rate shall not exceed the maximum limit of the percentage rate specified by the respective laws and regulations.

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