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12-60 months

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AMD 15-30 million



Business loan or overdraft, AMD 15-30 million or its equivalent in other currency.

This loan is designed to help you develop your business and finance day-to-day operations. As part of this offer you can transfer your existing loans from other banks or credit organizations to Ameriabank.

Types of partially secured loans:

  • Collateral-secured business loan
  • Collateral-secured business overdraft on current account


Apply online

Partial collateral: no need to provide coverage for the full amount of loan

Upload files and track your application online

Automatically refinance your loans in other banks without having to visit those banks for formalities

If you meet the Bank's criteria, our specialist will get in touch with you within 1 business day after you apply.

Are you ready to apply for a business loan?

Apply for a business loan online

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Can I apply for a loan without visiting the Bank?

Yes, you can use the Bank's website to apply online for any business loan. Our specialists will get in touch with you. You can also use the online platform to track your application

Can I get loan approval online without visiting the Bank?

Yes, you can get your approval online if your loan is within AMD 10 million. If you have an account with Ameriabank and a valid ID card, you can also get the money online without having to visit the Bank in person.

Where can I learn about interest rates?

Information about interest rates is available on Ameriabank's official website: go to menu and select the item you are interested in from “Loans”. For more information feel free to call us at +37410 56 11 11 or visit the nearest branch office. Find our locations and learn about work hours here.

Can I get a loan, if I already have an outstanding business loan in another bank?

To provide a loan, the Bank performs creditworthiness analysis. Loans in other banks are not a deal-breaker, if your general creditworthiness ratios meet our criteria. You can also consolidate your loans in other banks by transferring them to Ameriabank. If your loans are within AMD 20 million, you can have them transferred to and refinanced by Ameriabank automatically, without having to visit other banks for formalities.

What documents do I need to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan online, you need to provide certain basic data about your business (TIN, ID). Depending on the type of loan you choose, other documents or information might be required at further stages, which you can upload on our webpage without having to visit the Bank in person.

Can I transfer loans from other banks to Ameriabank?

Yes, you can consolidate your loans in other banks by transferring them to Ameriabank. Loans within AMD 20 million can be transferred to and refinanced by Ameriabank automatically, no need to visit other banks for formalities.

Are there any restrictions as to which industry you have to work in in order to get a loan?

Yes, Ameriabank does not finance the following industries:
• Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under the Republic of Armenia laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements
• Production or trade in weapons and munitions
• Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises
• Trade in precious stones
• Currency exchange business
• Brokerage or bookmaking offices
• Production, use of or trade in hazardous substances (like radioactive materials) other than pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture

3. Retail business loan/overdraft partially secured by assets


Loan type

Retail business loan/overdraft partially secured by assets


Purpose 1

Business expansion; financing of current operations and other investments; transfer of outstanding business loans with other banks and credit organizations to Ameriabank CJSC    



Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with at least 6-month business history


Sectoral restrictions

According to the Exclusion List


Creditworthiness assessment

According to the approved criteria

Loan terms





Minimum and maximum lending limit2

AMD 15 million - 30 million or its equivalent in other currency

Term (months)

12 months

Annual interest rate (fixed) on loans

(APR: 16.3%-16.8%)

(APR: 12.9%-13.4%)

(APR: 11.3%-11.7%)

Annual interest rate (fixed) on overdrafts

(APR: 16.3% 16.5%)

(APR: 12.9%-13.1%)

(APR: 11.2%-11.4%)

Term (months)

36 months

Annual interest rate (fixed) on loans

(APR: 15.8%-15.9%)

(APR: 12.4%-12.5%)

(APR: 9.7%-9.9%)

Annual interest rate (fixed) on overdrafts

(APR: 16.5%-16.6%)

(APR: 13.1%-13.2%)

(APR: 10.4%-10.5%)

Term (months)

60 months

Annual interest rate (fixed) on loans

(APR: 15.6%-15.7%)

(APR: 12.2%-12.3%)

(APR: 10.5%-10.6%)

Annual interest rate (fixed) on overdrafts

(APR: 16.5%-17.8%)

(APR: 13.0%-13.1%)

(APR: 11.4%-12.7%)

Standard annual interest rate under GAF SME support program

Term (months)

12 months

Annual interest rate (fixed) on loans

(APR: 14.8-15.2%)



Term (months)

36 months

Annual interest rate (fixed) on loans

(APR: 13.6-13.8%)



Term (months)

60 months

Annual interest rate (fixed) on loans

(APR: 13.8-13.9%)



Annual interest rate on non-utilized overdraft amounts


Other terms related to the interest rate

If the loan is secured by cash or bonds issued by Ameriabank, the interest rate is equal to:
- Applicable interest rate for cash/bond + 4%, but in any case not more than the rates specified above, if the loan and the collateral are in the same currency
- Rates specified above, if the loan and the collateral are in different currencies

Where insurance of the collateral is obtained by the bank at the wish of the client, the rate of interest is increased pro rata the share of each type of the collateral in the total value of the collateral by:
• 2.5% if the collateral is a vehicle, or
• 0.5% if the collateral is plant and equipment.
Where the insurance of real estate is obtained by the client, the interest rate will be reduced by 0.05%, based on the share of each type of assets in the total collateral.

Loan disbursement fee

1% of the loan amount

Loan cashing

For loans: not applicable in case of AMD withdrawals from the borrower's account
0.5 % of the amount withdrawn in case of foreign currency withdrawals
For overdrafts: as per the cash withdrawal fees specified in Ameriabank CJSC Tariffs for Corporate Clients4 (12CIB/11RBD PL 72-01-02)



SME loans: annuity (equal loan installments consisting of a portion of loan and a portion of interest; payable on monthly basis)
SME overdraft: repayment of principal at maturity


Eligible collateral

The loan may be secured by real estate or vehicles satisfactory to the Bank.

LTV ratio (based on the liquidation value)

The value of the loan security is included in the estimation of the LTV ratio in an amount not more than:
1. Real estate in Yerevan: up to 100%, real estate in the regions of Armenia: up to 90%
2. 50% if the loan is secured by vehicles
While calculating the LTV ratio, the loan value is considered to be equal to the sum of (i) that portion of the requested loan that is above AMD 15 million, and (ii) outstanding unsecured credit obligations of the client. Furthermore, if the client’s outstanding unsecured credit obligations are above AMD 15 million, the LTV ratio is calculated only in relation to the requested amount, in full.                          

Age of vehicles to be pledged

Max 12 years for foreign brand vehicles other than vehicles made in Russia, China and Iran, in which case max age is 8 years

Location of real estate to be pledged


Property appraisal

Pledged assets to be appraised by an appraising partner of the bank.

Additional security

1. Pledge of cash flows through the account
2. Individual guarantees by founders and beneficial owners of businesses are a required condition. The Bank may request guarantees by other individuals and/or companies as additional security.


Insurance of property

The insurance of the pledged real estate is to be obtained only if it is or will be used for business purposes, and the market value of the property is above AMD 100 million or the real estate being pledged is an apartment in Yerevan.
The insurance of real estate, vehicles and plant and equipment is maintained throughout the loan term:
1. If obtained by the client: at least for the amount of the outstanding principal/credit limit
2. If obtained by the Bank: to the extent of the outstanding principal/credit limit.
The following vehicles are not subject to insurance:
• Vehicles transporting hazardous materials (toxic substances, chemicals, radioactive and explosive  materials)
• Vehicles to be used in races, test drives; vehicles which have three wheels, snow removers, motorcycles, special purpose vehicles
• Taxis and rental cars                 

Loan service fees 3

Modification of the loan terms

AMD 25,000

Substitution of pledged property (for real estate; including change of the property owner)  

AMD 20,000

Substitution of pledged property (for vehicles; including change of the owner of the pledged vehicles)

AMD 10,000

Provision of pledge-related consents, permissions and references

AMD 10,000 (VAT included)

Change of the loan repayment date

AMD 10,000


Other fees payable by the client

1. Fee for the unified statement from the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadaster adjunct to the RA Government; fee for police reference on vehicles encumbrance
2. Notary fee for registration of pledged real estate; fee for state registration of the bank’s security interest under the real estate pledge agreement; Fee for the certificate of registration of the security interest in the vehicle

Early repayment

5% of prepaid amount, chargeable if early repayment of the loan, whether in whole or in part, is made during the first 3 years of the loan term. However, it is not applicable if the lump-sum or total amount of the prepaid loan is up to 20% of the contractual amount.                                           
- In case of early repayment of the loan, whether in whole or in part, the fee will not be charged if such loan is prepaid out of the loan proceeds provided by Ameriabank CJSC to the borrower for that particular purpose.
- In case of loans in the amount of up to AMD 5 million or its equivalent in foreign currency, any early repayment fines, fees, increase of rates or any other means affecting the borrower’s condition are not applied.

In case of an overdraft, the specified regulations shall not apply.


Late payment fines and penalties

The interest rate specified in the loan agreement will continue to be applied to overdue loans.
Fine in the amount of 0.13 % of overdue loan/interest for each day of delay

1 Unless otherwise specified in the loan agreement, the loan proceeds should be used for their intended purpose during no more than 3 months.

2 On a case-by-case basis, loans may be issued in the amount below the specified minimum limit for such a term specified in these terms where the application of the respective interest rate will not result in the breach of the maximum annual percentage rate stipulated by law.

3 The fee is charged if the modification is requested by the client. Where there are several applicable fees for the same modification, the highest fee is charged and only once. Fees are not applicable in case of loans secured by cash, bonds and metal accounts. If the modification implies adding new collateral or involving a new guarantor, no fee is charged. These fees do not apply to the loans to agro-processing industry.

4  Ameriabank CJSC Tariffs for Corporate Clients (12CIB/11RBD PL 72-01-02, approved by Management Board Resolution # 03/11/15 dated May 20, 2015). Available at


Required documents filed together with loan application:

  • Loan application
  • Passports (original) (for private entrepreneurs)
  • TIN certificate, state registration certificate (for corporate applicants, information on the executive body is required)
  • Charter (for corporate applicants)
  • Copies of the passports and social security cards of the shareholders and CEO/President (for corporate applicants)

Documents required after initial approval:

  • Copies of the state registration certificates and the inserts of the Borrower and legal entities and private entrepreneurs affiliated with the Borrower
  • Financial statements for the latest reporting period, certified by the tax authority
  • For the recent reporting year (for those filing the balance sheet and the statement of comprehensive income); for the recent reporting quarter (for fixed and/or simplified tax payers)
  • Copy of the certificate of title or the document certifying the right to lease the premises used as place of business
  • Sale/supply agreements, orders, invoices, other documents supporting the normal process of sales
  • Licenses, certificates and other documents required for business operation (copies)
  • Documents certifying title to the assets (real estate and/or movable property) to be pledged
  • Geodetic measurement report of land plot to be pledged
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Initial report on appraisal of real estate/vehicle

Documents required after loan approval:

  • Copies of bases of title to real estate (to be submitted upon request)
  • Passports of the owners of the property to be pledged (copy of the spouse death certificate)
  • Bases of title to real estate
  • Copy of the marriage (divorce, spouse death) certificate
  • Statement from the State Committee of Real Estate Cadaster on encumbrance of real estate (unified statement)
  • Statement, issued by the Police, on encumbrance of vehicle
  • Pledged property appraisal report (final)
  • Real estate/vehicle insurance agreement (as required)
  • Approval of the authorized body of corporate applicant to execute loan and pledge-related transactions
  • Reference on registered shareholders/stockholders/founders, director and the latest amendments to the charter (for corporate applicants)
  • Environmental impact assessment report, technical safety report, examination reports, feasibility studies (whenever required), etc., required under the applicable Armenian laws and regulations and/or the bank’s bylaws and regulations (if the company’s activity is associated with high environmental risks)
  • Other documents as the bank's specialist may request

Acting in accordance with the Republic of Armenia Law “On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing” Bank may request you to provide additional information and documents for customer due diligence based on the “Know your customer” principle, as well as ask you additional questions during verbal communication (if required so).

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