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What is a custom card?

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ArCa customs card is specially designed for importers enabling them to make non-cash customs payments at all the customs offices of Armenia.

A customs card is a convenient tool designed to make handling customs and tax payments at the customs offices easy and hassle-free. If you open a line of credit on your customs card, you will have peace of mind knowing that you no longer will have to worry about insufficient funds. 

As a pre-condition for a customs card account opening, you will need to open a  bank account in AMD


Free card service if your company has been Ameriabank customer for more than 3 months at the time of card issuance

Safe and secure non-cash payments

Convenience during transactions involving large amounts

Credit line on customs card


What benefits are offered with the line of credit on customs card?

  • Grace period for the line of credit
  • Cash flows as security
  • Currency: AMD, USD and EUR
  • Term: up to 1 year
  • Low interest rate for the first month following the grace period (except for the line of credit in AMD)

For the information on the conditions of the lines of credit on customs card, visit here.


What credit limit can I get on the customs card?

The limit of the line of credit on the customs card may not exceed 50% of the average monthly bank account turnover for at least 3 most recent months, or 100 million Armenian drams or its equivalent in other currency, whichever is less For clients with less than 3-months’ history with Ameriabank, the credit limit is based on bank account turnover in other banks and LTV ratio.

What interest rate applies if the obligation is not repaid in full when due?

If you fail to perform credit obligations in USD and EUR in full during the grace period, 13% interest rate will apply from the time the amounts have been used. If the outstanding debt is not repaid in full during the month following the grace period, starting from the following month the amounts used will bear an interest of 20%.In case of AMD line of credit, the applicable interest rate is 15%. If the outstanding debt is not repaid in full during the month following the grace period, starting from the following month the amounts used will bear an interest of 20%.

How long is the grace period on interest?

The grace period on interest is calculated as the last day of the month of withdrawal of money +5 days. There is no grace period for lines of credit in AMD.

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1              Type

ArCa Classic

2              Card validity period

2 years

3              Currency

Armenian drams, US dollars, euros

4              Card issuance


5              Annual service

10,000 Armenian drams; free for clients with over 3-months’ history with Ameriabank

6              Additional card issuance


7              Annual service of additional card

AMD 5,000

8               Provision of PIN in an envelope (chargeable only for the newly issued cards)

AMD 1,000, VAT included

9               Generating PIN using OTP (in case of loss of PIN)

AMD 500, VAT included

10          Card re-issuance (in case of card loss, damage, theft, PIN loss or its disclosure to third parties) 

AMD 5,000

11          Card re-issuance (upon expiry of validity period)


12          Provision of the card within one business day[1]

AMD 3,000

13          Card blocking


14          Card unblocking


15          Cash withdrawal


16          Electronic transactions at customs terminals


17          Electronic payments with a card at other merchants/service providers


18          Provision of account statements

According to Ameriabank CJSC Tariffs for Corporate Clients[2], Chapter 2, section “Provision of statements, information and copies of documents”

19          Revision of credit limit

3,000 Armenian drams

20          SMS notification


21          Card delivery


a) Within Armenia and Artsakh


b) Other countries

According to the postal bill

22          Provision of cards at the Bank branches (chargeable only for the newly issued cards)[3]

AMD 1,000


[1]The service is available if the card is ordered at the Yerevan-based branches. The ordered cards are provided in Kamar Branch only. Furthermore, if the client submitted the card application before 4:00 p.m. of the business day, the card may be provided on the same business day. If the card application was submitted after 4:00 p.m., the card will be provided on the next business day.

[2] Ameriabank CJSC Tariffs for Corporate Clients (12CIB/11RBD PL 72-01-02) approved by Resolution No. 03/11/15 of the Management Board of the Bank dated May 20, 2015. Link:

[3]The fee is charged at the time of ordering and is not applied (i) for issuance of cards in the name of a third person if such third person is not in the Bank at the time of applying, and (ii) if the card is to be provided within one business day, in which case only the fee for the specified service shall apply.

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