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POS Terminals

For businesses with over AMD 750M annual turnover

When it comes to non-cash payments, a tool to accept such payments nowadays is a must for merchants and service providers. Our POS-terminal installation service is specially designed to help you handle this issue.

Payments via POS-terminals have a number of advantages:

  • Convenient, quick and reliable way of payment processing
  • Easy to control and secure payments
  • Free technical support and related supplies
  • Free training for cashiers
  • Setup of POS-terminals within 4 business days only


Setup of the device

Fee stipulated in the agreement

Transaction-based fees are subject to an agreement.

Acceptable types of cards

Our POS-terminals accept ArCa, MasterCard, Mir and Visa cards, both credit and debit ones.

Handheld POS devices

We also offer handheld devices to make the payment process more convenient.

Safety and security

For noncash payments via POS-terminals, we use cutting-edge technology and devices meeting international standards and applicable security requirements.


How can I apply for a POS-terminal?

To have a POS-terminal, just visit any

branch of the Bank and fill in the Merchant Registration Application form.

Will cardholders be charged any fee if payments are processed via a POS-terminal?

No. Customers will not pay extra fees or higher price for the goods or products received. The same conditions and prices will apply to both cash and cashless payments.

Can the merchant give cash refund to the cardholder for a card transaction?

No. The merchant cannot give cash refunds to cardholders for non-cash payments. Chargeback for invalid or canceled transactions can only be provided by a transfer immediately to the card used for payment.

Do I need to keep the transaction slips?

Yes. You should keep copies of card transaction slips for 1 (one) year following the date of the transaction. Upon the Bank request, you will need to provide them to the Bank within 3 (three) banking days following such request.

Who is the device owner and what are the consequences of damage to and/or loss of the device?

The POS-terminal installed at the merchant and all the related equipment are owned by the Bank. The merchant will be fully and materially liable for damage to and/or loss of the device.

How are POS devices connected?

POS-terminals are connected via GPRS (costs borne by us) or WiFi connection available on the merchant’s premises.

The only thing you need to do is visit the bank, sign up for the service by filling in Merchant Registration Order-Agreement and avail yourself of the benefits of POS-terminal service terms:

  •  Free installation of the device
  •  Free maintenance and related supplies

Setup of POS-terminals takes 4 business days only. 
*The per-transaction fee is negotiable.

  • Cash registers shall be provided on the basis of 5-year obligation to the merchants that will undertake an obligation to ensure at least AMD 500,000 monthly turnover during the term of the Agreement.
  • During the entire term of the Agreement, the Merchant shall use only the POS services offered by the Bank.
  • In case of early termination of the Agreement, the Merchant shall return the cash register and pay a compensation of AMD 100,000.
  • Should the Merchant fail to ensure at least AMD 500,000 monthly turnover of noncash payments via cash register at the Merchant for 3 consecutive months, as well as breach any of the requirements, the Bank shall be entitled to terminate the agreement and take back the cash register.

1.1 Provision of up to 1 year-old account statements, copies of account statements or other documents kept in electronic form


1.2. Provision of more than 1 year-old account statements or copies of account statements or provision of other documents kept in electronic form

AMD 5,000 per annual statement per account and each electronically stored document, VAT included

1.3. Provision of SWIFT MT940 statements 

AMD 1,000 per document, VAT included

1.4. Provision of references

1.4.1 To holders of 3 and more months old accounts

AMD 3,000, VAT included

1.4.2 To holders of less than 3 months old accounts

AMD 5,000, VAT included

1.4.3 If ordered via Internet/Mobile Banking

AMD 1,000, VAT included

1.5 Reference-guarantees

AMD 10,000, VAT included

1.6 Response to auditor inquiries

AMD 10,000, VAT included

1.7 Account statement delivery

1.7.1 Via electronic means


1.7.2 By post – within Armenia

AMD 1,000 monthly, VAT included

1.7.3 By post – outside Armenia

As per postal service bills

1.8. Provision of information on account turnover by phone

AMD 10,000 annually, VAT included

1.9. Operational SMS notification

1.9.1 Account balance reporting (daily)

AMD 3,000 annually, VAT included

1.9.2 Account balance reporting (at least once a week)

AMD 1,000 annually, VAT included

1.9.3Brief statement on latest transactions

AMD 3,000 annually, VAT included

1.10. Informational SMS notification

1.10.1 Every change of the Bank’s exchange rates Cash Non-Cash

AMD 10,000 annually, VAT included

1.10.2 Average CBA exchange rates (daily)

AMD 3,000 annually, VAT included

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