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Business Loan for Purchase of Solar Power Systems

For businesses with up to AMD 750M annual turnover

AMD 1-30 million or its equivalent in other currency, automatically approved business loan for purchase of solar power systems

You can benefit from special terms, if you plan to purchase solar power plants or water heaters for your business.

  • Apply online
  • Upload files and track your application online
  • Get your answer within 1 business day

If your application meets our eligibility criteria but is not approved automatically, our specialist will visit you at the place of your business to perform analysis and give your answer in person. If the answer is positive, you can get your loan on the same day by visiting the Bank.

Loan Amount

AMD 1-30 million or its equivalent in other currency


84 months

Ready to apply for a loan?


Can I apply for a loan without visiting the Bank?

Yes, you can use the Bank's website to apply online for any business loan. Our specialists will get in touch with you. You can also use the online platform to track your application.

Can I get loan approval online without visiting the Bank?

Yes, you can get your approval online if your loan is within AMD 10 million. If you have an account with Ameriabank and a valid ID card, you can also get the money online without having to visit the Bank in person.

Where can I learn about interest rates?

Information about interest rates is available on Ameriabank's official website: go to menu and select the item you are interested in from “Loans”. For more information feel free to call us at +37410 56 11 11 or visit the nearest branch office. Find our locations and learn about work hours here.

Can I get a loan, if I already have an outstanding business loan in another bank?

To provide a loan, the Bank performs creditworthiness analysis. Loans in other banks are not a deal-breaker, if your general creditworthiness ratios meet our criteria. You can also consolidate your loans in other banks by transferring them to Ameriabank. If your loans are within AMD 20 million, you can have them transferred to and refinanced by Ameriabank automatically, without having to visit other banks for formalities.

What documents do I need to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan online, you need to provide certain basic data about your business (TIN, ID). Depending on the type of loan you choose, other documents or information might be required at further stages, which you can upload on our webpage without having to visit the Bank in person.

Can I transfer loans from other banks to Ameriabank?

Yes, you can consolidate your loans in other banks by transferring them to Ameriabank. Loans within AMD 20 million can be transferred to and refinanced by Ameriabank automatically, no need to visit other banks for formalities.

Are there any restrictions as to which industry you have to work in in order to get a loan?

<p>Yes, Ameriabank does not finance the following industries: &bull; Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under the Republic of Armenia laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements &bull; Production or trade in weapons and munitions &bull; Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises &bull; Trade in precious stones &bull; Currency exchange business &bull; Brokerage or bookmaking offices &bull; Production, use of or trade in hazardous substances (like radioactive materials) other than pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture</p>

How to apply

Automatically approved SME loans for purchase of solar panels and water heating systems

Loan type

Automatically approved SME loans for purchase of solar panels and water heating systems


Purchase of solar panels and water heating systems


LLCs and individual entrepreneurs with at least 6-month business history

Sectoral restrictions

According to the Exclusion List

Creditworthiness assessment

Based on approved score card





Minimum and maximum loan limit

AMD 3 million - 30 million or its equivalent in foreign currency
The loan can be disbursed in tranches where the share of each tranche is determined in accordance with the cooperation agreement with the vendor, provided that the share of the last tranche is at least 20% of the loan principal and is provided after insurance of the solar facilities.

Term (months)

84 (with an up to 6-month grace period)

Standard adjustable annual rate (rate can be changed starting from the 49th month) in case of financing with a cashback option (EBRD)

Fixed component 4.5% + variable component (base rate)
(APR: 0-10.4%)

Fixed component 8.5% + variable component (base rate)
(APR: 0-7.3%)

Fixed component 7.5% + variable component (base rate)
(APR: 0-5.7%)

Fixed rate on internal resources

(APR: 13.1-13.8%)

(APR: 8.7-9.3%)

(APR: 7.6-8.2%)

 Standard fixed annual rate under GAF “Development of the Renewable Energies” program

(APR: 8.5-10.0%)



Standard fixed annual rate on the loans financed under GAF “Energy Efficiency for SMEs” program 

(APR: 9.0-10.7%)



Loan disbursement fee

1% of the loan amount 

Loan cashing fee

Not applicable in case of AMD withdrawals from the borrower's account
0.5% of the amount withdrawn in case of foreign currency withdrawals


Annuity (equal monthly installments consisting of a portion of loan and a portion of interest)


1. Pledge of cash flows through the account
2. Personal guarantee of the business founder and beneficial owner (for LLCs)
3. Pledge of the solar panels and water heating systems being bought

Loan service fees 1

Modification of the loan terms

AMD 25,000

Substitution of pledged property (for real estate; including change of the property owner)  

AMD 20,000

Substitution of pledged property (for vehicles; including change of the owner of the pledged vehicles)

AMD 10,000

Provision of pledge-related consents, permissions and references

AMD 10,000 (VAT included)

Change of the loan repayment date

AMD 10,000

 Early repayment fee

At least 5% of prepaid amount, chargeable if early repayment of the whole or part of loan is made during the first 3 years of loan term in case of loans provided for purchase of solar panels and water heating systems, however it is not applicable if the lump-sum or total amount of the prepaid loan is up to 20% of the contractual amount.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In case of early repayment of the loan, whether in full or in part, the fee will not be charged if such loan is prepaid out of the loan proceeds provided by Ameriabank CJSC to the borrower for that particular purpose.
In case of loans in the amount of up to AMD 5 million or its equivalent in foreign currency, any early repayment fines, fees, increase of rates or any other means affecting the borrower’s condition are not applied.

Late payment fines and penalties

The interest rate specified in the loan agreement shall continue to be applied to overdue loans.
Fine in the amount of 0.13 % of overdue loan/interest for each day of delay

Down payment

5% minimum. If the borrower and the vendor sign a buyback or debt waiver agreement, there is no down payment.

Insurance of property

In case of financing for purchase of solar panels and water heating systems, if the insurance is obtained by the bank, the insurance related costs are included in the loan interest rate.  
Insurance shall be obtained within 10 days upon installation of the solar panels/solar water heating system.                                                                                                             


1 The fee is charged if the modification is requested by the client. Where there are several applicable fees for the same modification, the highest fee is charged and only once. Fees are not applicable in case of loans secured by cash, bonds and metal accounts. If the modification implies adding new collateral or involving a new guarantor, no fee is charged. These fees do not apply to loans to agro-processing industry.

Your electronic method is the most convenient way to receive information. It is available 24/7, as well as the risks of information loss և ensure privacy.

Required documents filed together with loan application

  • ID of the shareholders and CEO of the legal entity/Individual entrepreneur
  • TIN
  • Charter (for corporate applicants)

Documents required after initial approval

  •  ID of the shareholders
  • Tax clearance certificate (n/a in case of score-based automatically approved loans/overdrafts)

Documents required after loan approval

  • Approval of the authorized body of corporate applicant to execute loan and pledge-related transactions
  • Purchase documents (required in case of automatically approved SME loans for purchase of solar power plants and water heating systems)
  • Other documents as the bank's specialist may request

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