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Unlike traditional lease, you acquire ownership at the end of lease.

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The Bank provides advisory services and where necessary offers also payment tools to minimize risks associated with purchase of property.

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Profit Tax Deduction

During lease the property is registered on your balance sheet and amortized to contribute to calculations of taxable profit.

What is Ameria Lease?

Time to discover the most effective and up-to-date ways of financing. Expand the possibilities of your business and create a sound foundation for exploring new horizons.

Ameriabank is a leading provider of finance lease services in Armenia. Explore the possibilities coming with our finance lease products and achieve the best results on the way to your business goals.

To be eligible, you need to be a running business for at least 12 months if you are a manufacturing company, or at least 6 months if you work in trade or services in Armenia and need financing for property or equipment. 

Finance lease is purchase of property by the Bank on behalf of lessee and then leasing it to the lessee under contractually agreed terms and payments. The option where the full value of leased property is paid during lease contract is very popular in Armenia.


No pledge of property required

Lower advance payment than in case of loan

No VAT if the lessee is VAT-exempt at the crossing of the border of Armenia*

      *in cases defined by law

Types of Finance Lease

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Solar Leasing

Profitable leasing conditions for legal entities and private entrepreneurs to purchase solar power plants and water heaters.

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Saving Leasing

Ameriabank has launched a new AMD lease program under special conditions. This offer has been designed specifically for SMEs.

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Agri-Food Leasing

Purchase agri-food equipment on special terms under the Government Support Program for Agri-Food Leasing in Armenia.

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Express Leasing

Available for all legal entities. Get your answer within 3 days. No financial analysis required

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Agricultural Machinery Leasing

Ameriabank has rolled out a new special Government-supported finance lease program to finance purchase of agricultural machinery.

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Standart Leasing

Ameriabank offers a classic finance lease option for legal entities and private entrepreneurs: collateral-free, with a lower down payment than in case of a loan.

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Finance lease under Efficiency Promotion Measure program

Under this finance lease program, commercial and non-commercial organizations or private entrepreneurs registered and actually operating in the Republic of Armenia can acquire new machinery and machinery parts.

Complete information about the terms and conditions of Ameria Leasing available here.

Last updated on 02.10.2023 16:52