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Special terms

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Service fee - AMD 0*

*Regardless of Ameria PhonePOS monthly turnover amount, no service fee will be charged if the minimum turnover is not achieved until December 31, 2023, inclusive.

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Without an additional device

You can accept payments using your smartphone only

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Security and safety

The non-cash transactions executed via Ameria PhonePOS are based on new technologies meeting international standards and security requirements. 

What is Ameria PhonePOS?

We have designed a new non-cash payment tool - Ameria PhonePOS

AmeriaPhonePOS is an application enabling you to use your smartphone as a POS-terminal and receive non-cash payments anywhere (at a grocery, greengrocery, cafe or when handing in the delivery).

To activate the service, just visit any branch of the Bank and fill in the Merchant Registration Application form.


Service of "ArCa", "MasterCard" and "Visa" cards

Without an additional device

Suitable for all businesses

Security and safety

Ameria PhonePOS is always in your smartphone

By using Ameria PhonePOS you can

Activate the service on phones running software of Android 8.1 and higher categories, with NFC function

Receive non-cash payments, without a physical POS-terminal

Receive payments anywhere in a convenient, fast and reliable manner

Control your reports

Activate the service and get free maintenance

Activate Ameria PhonePOS app in only 5 business days

Don't worry about crashes or battery life

Phone with Phone POS screen



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Acceptable card types

Ameria PhonePOS terminals accept ArCa, MasterCard and Visa cards, both debit and credit ones.

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Without an additional device

You can accept payments using your smartphone only

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Suitable for all businesses

Ameria PhonePOS is designed for small, medium and large businesses and offers a convenient payment solution.

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Always next to you

Ameria PhonePOS is always in your smartphone and you can accept payments anywhere.


How to apply for activating Ameria PhonePOS?

To activate the service, you just need to visit any branch of the bank and fill out the application-contract for the registration of the commercial point.

Does the Bank charge any extra fees to the cardholder for the transactions executed via Ameria PhonePOS?

No. The sale and provision of services by the trading point to the cardholders is carried out without additional commissions and price conditions change.

Who can use Ameria PhonePOS app?

Legal entities and Individual entrepreneurs. 

On what smartphones can the service be activated?

Android 8.1 and higher with NFC-enabled smartphones.

Terms and conditions

Tariffs for non-cash transactions with POS terminals are determined on contractual basis, per merchant.  

1.1 Provision of a statement, copy of statement or other document stored in electronic form up to 1 year old


1.2. 1 provision of a statement, a copy of a statement or other document stored in electronic form that is more than a year old

AMD 5,000 including VAT
for each account statement for each year

1.3. SWIFT MT940 providing format extracts

1,000 AMD including VAT
for each document

1.4. Provision of information

1.4.1 3 to customers who have accounts for a month or more

3,000 AMD including VAT

1.4.2 To customers of up to 3 months

5,000 AMD including VAT

1.4.3 In case of ordering through Internet-Banking/Mobile Banking system7

1,000 AMD including VAT

1.5 References - guarantees

10,000 AMD including VAT

1.6 Preparation of audit inquiry responses

10,000 AMD including VAT

1.7 Delivery of statement

1.7.1 By e-mail


1.7.2 By mail in the RA territory

AMD 1,000 per month including VAT

1.7.3 By mail outside the RA territory

According to the charges provided by the postal service

1.8. Providing information on account turnover over the phone

10,000 AMD per year including VAT

1.9. Operational SMS messages

1.9.1 Account balance at daily intervals

3,000 AMD per year including VAT

1.9.2 Account balance at minimum weekly intervals

1,000 AMD per year including VAT

1.9.3 A summary of recent account transactions

3,000 AMD per year including VAT

1.10. Informational SMS messages

1.10.1 Bank rates for each change, Cash rate, Non-Cash Rate

10,000 AMD per year including VAT

1.10.2.Average exchange rate of the foreign currency market published by the Central Bank of Armenia on a daily basis

3,000 AMD per year including VAT

[7] An application for a certificate must be submitted at least one banking day before submission.

[8] The fee is charged for the month in which the statement is received, until the last business day of the month following that month.

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