SME Package
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SME Package

For businesses with up to AMD 750M annual turnover

We offer an easy formula for development of your business.

This special SME package is designed for you. Join it and create a robust foundation for growth.

Joining our SME package allows you to get preferential terms for the following services:

  • Online banking: free of charge
  • Business card: no annual service fee
  • Loans: lower interest rates
  • Free-of-charge Platinum cards for founders/CEO
  • Preferential fees for POS transactions
  • Preferential rates for currency exchange
  • Discounted annual service fee for payroll cards
  • Preferential interest rates for consumer loans and lines of credit on payroll cards

Note that if during the term of your agreement your financial and other ratios change to no longer meet our eligibility criteria, the Bank will be entitled to switch from special package terms to standard terms effective at each particular time.


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When can I use the SME package offering?

To apply for our SME package, you need to meet at least three of our eligibility criteria:

How is eligibility assessed?

The Bank assesses your eligibility based on data provided by you alone, without further checks. After providing the package the Bank conducts monitoring based on which, if you appear to no longer meet the eligibility criteria, we switch from preferential to standard terms and fees.

Can I use the SME package, if I already am an Ameriabank client?

Yes, the package is available both for existing and new clients.

Can I get the SME package by transferring my loans from another bank or credit organization to Ameriabank?

Yes, you can get the SME package by transferring your loans from another bank or credit organization to Ameriabank, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Period open

2022 February 22 – June 30


Eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible for the offering, the client should meet at least three of them.


Option 1 

Option 2

Aggregate average monthly account turnover for the most recent year (for all accounts)

>1 million AMD

>2 million AMD

Average monthly transactions via POS-terminals for the most recent year

>500K AMD

>1 million AMD

Loans from the Bank

>=10 million AMD

>=20 million AMD

Payroll projects

>=10 employees

>=20 employees

Average salary under payroll projects

>=100K AMD

>=150K AMD

Options and terms


Option 1

Option 2

Internet-Bank annual service fee



Business card annual service fee

VISA Classic`  Free

VISA Classic`  Free

POS-terminal transaction fee

1.3%*; 2.3%**;2.5%***

1.1%*; 2.1%**; 2.3%***

Loan interest****

Standard rate -0.5%

Standard rate-1%

Currency exchange

USD` Effective rate -0.25֏

USD` Effective rate -0.5֏

EUR`   current exchange rate -0.5֏

EUR` current exchange rate -1֏

RUb` current exchange rate -0.03֏

RUB` current exchange rate -0.03֏

Annual card service fee under payroll projects

VISA Classic- ֏1000

VISA Classic` Free

Interest on consumer loans/lines of credit under payroll projects



Annual service fee for cards for


Free of charge for two Platinum cards

Free of charge for three Platinum cards

*ArCa cards

** Master and Visa cards issued by ArCa member banks

*** Master and Visa cards issued by non-ArCa member banks, Mir cards

**** Applicable in case of newly-disbursed loans only

***** One card each (without card package) for founders or CEO, max 2 or 3 depending on the selected option

Key Terms of the Offering 

1. The Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) of SME Package Offering (“the Offering”) define the relations between Ameriabank CJSC (“the Bank”) and legal entities/private entrepreneurs (“the Client”, both together “Parties”) with respect to provision of banking services under the Offering.

2. The Terms are a public offer which is considered accepted by the Client from the moment of submission to the Bank of a properly completed and signed application-agreement in the template approved by the Bank

3. The Client, based on the options available under the Offering and respective eligibility criteria, selects the option for which they are eligible.

4. By accepting the application-agreement the Bank agrees to make accessible for the Client the terms of the option selected by the Client in the application-agreement. Furthermore:

4.1. If at the time of submission of the application-agreement the Client is already using one or several of the services included in the selected option, the following terms shall apply: 

4.1.1. Services for which the Client is regularly charged under respective agreements (e.g. Internet/Mobile Banking, payment card service, etc.) will be charged as per the special terms starting from the date of next payment under each respective agreement; payments made before that date are not recalculable or refundable. 

4.1.2. Special terms for services payments for which are expressed as percentage of transaction amounts for particular period, such as fees charged out of total transactions under POSterminal service agreements, will begin to apply from the first reporting period commencing after the Client joins the Offering. 

4.1.3.Cards under payroll projects are subject to the terms then applicable under payment card issuance and service agreements executed with the Client’s staff; special terms under the selected option will apply from the moment of provision of new payroll cards as per the terms of the payroll project. 

4.1.4. Interest rates under credit agreements (loan, line of credit, overdraft, etc.) will continue to apply as per the terms of those agreements; special terms under the selected option will apply to new credit obligations or in case effective agreements are amended by mutual consent of Parties. Special terms for services charged on a transaction-by-transaction basis (e.g. currency exchange) will apply from the moment of execution of the first transaction after the Offering is made available to the Client. 

4.2. Contracts and transactions with respect to services not used by the Client at the time of submission of the application-agreement (including where a new agreement for that service is executed, e.g. new payment card) will be executed on the special terms envisaged under the selected option. 

5. From the moment of acceptance of the application-agreement the terms of contractual services between the bank and the Client, covered thereby, shall be deemed replaced by the terms envisaged under the Terms and the selected option.

6. The Client is expected to give written notice to the Bank in each case when the Client becomes no longer eligible for the selected option within 5 business days after such circumstances become known to the Client. From the moment of receipt of the notice by the Bank the selected option under the Offering will be canceled and special terms under effective agreements will be changed in accordance with clause 7.2 of the Terms.

7. After receipt of the application-agreement the Bank shall conduct monitoring to check the Client’s compliance with the eligibility requirements for the selected option. Frequency of monitoring shall be determined by the Bank. The Client shall provide the Bank with all documents and information necessary to conduct such checks properly. If during the checks the Bank does not obtain sufficient evidence about continuing eligibility of the Client, the Bank shall be entitled to switch from any and all special terms under the Offering to standard terms of the Bank. In particular:

7.1.The Bank shall notify the Client about non-eligibility and cancellation of special terms under the Offering via the email address specified by the Client in the application-agreement. From the  moment of such notice the special terms shall be canceled for the Client and the respective services shall be available for the Client at the general standard rates and fees of the Bank.

7.2.The Bank shall give notice to the Client about changes of special terms under bank agreements under the Offering in accordance with such agreements, such notice being a basis for deeming the terms changed from the date specified therein.

8. The Bank shall be entitled to unilaterally change the Terms or cancel the Offering in which case the Bank shall give written notice to the Client at the email address specified by the Client in the application-agreement at least 10 days in advance, such notice being a basis for application of the new Terms.

9. The Offering is open until 30.06.2022.

10. These Terms and the terms of the Offering are effective until canceled by the Bank. 

You can get acquainted with the actual conditions in more detail here. (PDF)

Old terms

  • Terms and Conditions of “SME Package Offer” Campaign (effective from 01.08.21 to 31.12.21)
  • Last updated on 07.04.2022, 10:58