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Bank Guarantee

For businesses with over AMD 750M annual turnover


Bank guarantees are a popular tool to secure your payment obligations. We are here to help your business, give it wider opportunities and make it more competitive. By issuing a guarantee the bank acts as a guarantor for performance of your obligations. We undertake to pay to your partner the amount agreed under guarantee contract forthwith upon their request. 

We want you and your partners to develop a win-win business relationship. 

  • A bank guarantee is a written obligation issued by the bank,
  • which allows you to reduce the risks associated with your business transactions.
  • It bears interest and fees at lower rates than bank loans, saving your money.
  • A bank guarantee is the surety of successful closing of your deal.

Advance payment guarantee

You are required to deposit an advance at the contract signing stage, and if the seller does not perform their contractual obligations we undertake to pay the sum of the advance to the buyer.

Performance guarantee

This is the most popular type of guarantee. The bank undertakes to pay the agreed amount of reimbursement to the creditor or beneficiary, if the seller or service provider does not perform their contractual obligations.

Tender guarantee

This type of guarantee covers the costs of tendering company in case the winner of the tender refuses to perform its obligations and undertake costs and a new tender is needed.

Payment guarantee

Used in trade transactions. The seller enters into contract on condition that the buyer’s bank issues a guarantee for the benefit of the seller. If the buyer does not perform contractual obligations, the Bank undertakes to ensure the payment.

Customs guarantee

This is a special type of guarantee issued in favor of customs authorities to secure payments.

Standby Letter of Credit

Bank guarantee issued in the form of letter of credit to cover possible risks of non-performance.

You can get acquainted with the full terms of the bank guarantee here.
Updated on 06.12.2021 14:20