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For businesses with over AMD 750M annual turnover

Collection services are designed for exporters.

Work with foreign partners is associated with inherent risks especially in terms of payments.

Collection is the solution for cases where you trust your buying partner yet wish to have control over the process of payment.

Collection is a payment tool whereby you, the exporter, transfer documents to your buyer (importer) through the bank to get payment. The bank does not undertake any payment obligation, but only the role of agent transferring documents.

There are two forms of collection: documents against payment and documents against acceptance.

As part of collection services you get:

  • Release of documents under supervision of the bank against simultaneous payment or acceptance
  • Regulation under the Uniform Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce

Collection services are available for existing clients who have  accounts with Ameriabank


1. Collection issued by Customer’s order (Seller’s Collection)

1.1 Issuing collection orders

0.2%, minimum AMD 20,000 maximum AMD 250,000

1.2 Amending collection order

AMD 25,000

2. Collection issued in the name of client (Buyer’s Collection)


2.1 Notice of collection order (or amendment thereto)

AMD 15,000

2.2 Payment/acceptance of collection order

0,1%, minimum AMD 7,500, maximum AMD 50,000

Mailing/communication expenses are charged at the amount of their actual costs

Collection services are provided to the account-holding clients of the bank.

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