Overdraft terms
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ՕOverdraft Terms

For businesses with over AMD 750M annual turnover

Terms and conditions

Overdraft to large enterprises (C.1)

Overdraft to SMEs (C.2)



Max 50% of average monthly account turnover at least for the latest 6 months



Up to 12 months


Repayment of utilized amounts

As per schedule (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or otherwise as defined under loan agreement)


Annual interest rate on utilized amount[i]

For overdrafts in AMD

from 13 %

from 13 %

For overdrafts in USD

from 10 %

from 10 %

For overdrafts in EUR

from 9 %

from 9 %


Loan disbursement fee (chargeable lump-sum at the time of provision). The bank can define a schedule for payment of loan disbursement fee, in which case any fee outstanding at the time of repayment of loan before the due date shall be payable together with early repayment of loan or in whatever other manner the bank may define.

0-0.5% of credit limit 


Late payment fee[ii]

Fine in the amount of 0.13% of overdue loan/interest for each day beyond terms


Annual interest rate for non-utilized amounti

Up to 2%


Early repayment (prepayment)ii

 Early repayment fee in the amount of up to 6-month interest on prerepaid sums where envisaged under loan agreement


Limit reduction

If there is no turnover on bank accounts for a month, 

the overdraft limit can be reviewed and reduced.



Cash flows, guarantees and warranties, in certain cases – other security


Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio[iii]

Max 50% of average monthly turnover on bank accounts for the most recent period from 6 (min) to 12 (max) months


Application handling period

Up to 10 business days upon receipt of complete set of documents. Depending on the process, the specified terms may be extended for an additional period of not more than 10 business days.


Validity period (period during which the decision on line of credit approval is effective)

30 days, unless otherwise specified by authorized body’s decision


Overdraft re-approval term

Upon expiry of validity period but not later than within 60 days after initial overdraft approval date


Form of disbursement

Crediting to the bank account


Overdraft modification application fee[iv]

AMD 500,000



[i] Maximum annual interest rate cannot exceed 24%. The overdue loan/line of credit/overdraft will continue to bear the interest rate specified in the loan agreement.

[ii] Whenever applied, the maximum annual rate or aggregate amount of fines and/or penalties under the Agreement shall be within the limits defined under the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

[iii] Where the guarantee is the main security and there are pledged items as well, the loan-to-value ratio is not applicable. This being the case, the nature of security (main or additional) is specified in the loan conclusion and approved by the authorized body.

[iv] Loan modification fee is payable by the client in case the application for revision of the terms was submitted by the client at their initiative and approved by the bank. The fee is paid based on analysis and conclusion prepared by the relevant department of the bank for the client’s application. Generally, in other cases of modification of the loan terms, charging of the fee will be subject to the decision of the bank’s authorized body.

Calculation of interests

Attention! Interests are calculated on outstanding amount on daily basis for a 365-day year.



Used overdraft limit – 1,000,000 AMD

Annual interest rate – 15 %

Daily interest calculation – 1,000,000*15%/365=410.96

Change of interest rates

The bank is entitled to change the interest rate at any time depending on the volatility of the interest rates on the funds borrowed and/or allocated by the bank in the financial market, and/or occurrence of preconditions for the change of annual interest rate applied to the loan. The bank issues a respective notice to the borrower 30 days in advance which will serve as a basis for applying the new interest rate from the day specified in the notice. If not consenting to the new interest rate, the borrower has the right to terminate the agreement by fulfilling the liabilities thereunder as of the date of termination. SME overdrafts are provided in non-cash form in AMD, USD and EUR.

When applying for a loan, be informed.