Investment loan
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Investment Loan

A better future for yourself and people around you

We offer this unique opportunity to you – a loan to acquire equity in Armenia-based businesses.

You can use the loan to buy existing stocks/equity and/or subscribe to new issues.

You can get involved in a business in Armenia also by purchasing equipment or other property, or in any manner allowed under the legislation of Armenia, including through execution of any contract permitted under the Civil Code of Armenia. This extends also to share contributions to cooperatives based or incorporated in Armenia.

  • Insurance of pledged property to be obtained by the Bank
  • No loan service fees
  • Loans available in 3 currencies

AMD 3-150 million

Loan amount

36-240 months



Real estate, vehicles, cash, bonds issued by Ameriabank

Investment Loan

Eligible age of client/co-borrower/guarantor

18-65 provided that the age of the borrower on the date of the loan agreement expiry does not exceed 65, otherwise a co-borrower or guarantor meeting the age criteria is required


Citizens and non-citizens of Armenia who are resident in Armenia





Minimum and maximum loan limit

AMD 3,000,000 - AMD 150,000,000

USD 5,000 - USD 300,000

EUR 5,000 - EUR 300,000

Term (months)


Annual interest rate¹

Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 13th month)


Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 13th month)


Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 13th month)


Fixed component 6.0% + variable component (base rate)


Fixed component 9.5% + variable component (base rate)


Fixed component 8.5% + variable component (base rate)


Term (months)


Annual interest rate¹

Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 37th month)

Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 37th month)


Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 37th month)


Fixed component 6.25% + variable component (base rate)

Fixed component 9.75% + variable component (base rate)


Fixed component 8.75% + variable component (base rate)


Term (months)


Annual interest rate¹

Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 37th month)

Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 37th month)

Adjustable¹ (rate can be changed starting from the 37th month)

Fixed component 6.5% + variable component (base rate)

Fixed component 10.0% + variable component (base rate)

Fixed component 9.0% + variable component (base rate)

Other terms related to the interest rate

Where the client wishes that insurance of pledge should be obtained by the bank, the rate of interest is increased by 2.5% if the pledge is vehicle, or 0.5% if the pledge is plant and equipment. 

Where insurance of pledge is obtained by the client, the rate of interest is decreased by 0.05% based on the share of each type of property in the total pledge.

If repayment schedule is differentiated or mixed, the applicable interest rate is increased by 0.5%.

If loan-to-value ratio differs from approved standard, the applicable interest rate is increased by 0.5%.

Depending on credit history, the applicable interest rate can be increased by 0.5%.

If the client prefers a lending scheme without early repayment penalty, the applicable interest rate is increased by +2% (not applicable to loans secured by cash or bonds).

Loan provision lump-sum fee

0.5% of the loan principal or AMD 50,000, whichever is greater

Form of disbursement

Credit to the account

Loan formalization venue


Repayment frequency



Annuity (equal payments),
Differentiated (non-equal payments),

Eligible security

Real estate, vehicles to the reasonable satisfaction of the bank, metal accounts in gold, cash and bonds issued by Ameriabank

Maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio (if the loan is secured by real estate, vehicles or plant and equipment, calculation is based on their liquidation value)

The value of the loan security shall be included in the estimation of the LTV ratio in an amount not more than:

1. Real estate: 80% if in Yerevan, 70% if outside Yerevan

2. Vehicles: 60%

3. Property and equipment: 40%, but not more than 30% of the value of aggregate pledge

4. Metal accounts in gold with Ameriabank: 80%

5. Cash collateral/bonds issued by Ameriabank:

- 90% if currency of the collateral is the same as of the loan

- 70% if currencies of the collateral and the loan are different

Location of real estate to be pledged

Capital cities and regional centers of Armenia and Artsakh, as well as the towns of Abovyan, Ejmiatsin, Jrvezh, Arinj, Dzoraghbyur, Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan, Qajaran and Jermuk

Age of vehicles to be pledged

Max 12 years for foreign brand vehicles other than vehicles made in Russia, China and Iran, in which case max age is 8 years

Additional security

The Bank may request guarantee of individuals and/or companies as additional security.

Early repayment

5% of prepaid amount, chargeable if early repayment of the whole or part of loan is made during the first 3 years of loan term

Late payment fines and penalties

The interest rate specified in the loan agreement shall continue to be applied to overdue loans. 

Fine in the amount of 0.13 % of overdue loan/interest for each day beyond terms.

1. Attention. The adjustable nominal interest rate may be revised no more than twice a year.

2. Variable component (base rate)

Required documents filed together with loan application

  • Loan application
  • ID [original]
  • Certificate of ownership of property to be purchased/pledged [copy]

Documents required after initial approval

  • Proof of employment and/or other income 
  • Marriage (divorce, spouse death), birth certificate [original]
  • Certificates of registration and ownership certificates of vehicles to be pledged [original]
  • Certificate of title to real estate to be pledged [original]
  • Geodetic measurement report of land plot to be pledged
  • Initial report on appraisal of real estate/vehicle

Documents required after loan approval 

  • Copies of bases of title to real estate (to be submitted upon request)
  • IDs of owners of property to be purchased/pledged [originals]
  • Copies of marriage (divorce, spouse death) certificates of owners of property to be pledged 
  • Statement from the State Committee of Real Estate Cadaster on encumbrance of real estate (unified statement)
  • Statement, issued by the Police, on encumbrance of vehicle 
  • Real estate appraisal report (final)
  • Real estate/vehicle insurance policy 
  • Other documents as the bank's specialist may request

Loan service fees, including fees for modification of the loan terms and substitution of the collateral, are presented at the link below.
Purpose (AMD)
Modification of loan terms and conditions 15,000
Change of real estate pledge (including change of pledge owner) 10,000
Change of vehicle pledge (including change of pledge owner ) 5,000
Provision of pledge-related consent/permissions/references 5,000 (VAT inclusive)
Change of due date 5,000

These fees apply if changes are initiated by the client. Where several fees are payable due to a single change, only the highest of them shall be charged for one time. These fees do not apply to loans secured by cash, bonds and metal accounts. Where a new collateral or guarantor is added due to the change of pledge, the fee is not charged.

Collateral appraisal

The real estate should be appraised by an appraisal company cooperating with the bank. The company is selected by the client from the offered list. Appraisal fee: AMD 13,000-30,000 depending on the property. On a case-by-case basis, the fee for appraisal of major items of property may be negotiable. The list of appraisal companies cooperating with the Bank may be found at the link below.

Insurance of pledged property

Insurance for the pledged property to be obtained on an annual basis throughout the loan term:

  • By the bank to the extent of outstanding loan 
  • By the client at least to the extent of outstanding loan

The Bank doesn’t obtain insurance for the following vehicles:

  • Vehicles transporting hazardous materials (toxic substances, chemicals, radioactive and explosive materials) 
  • Vehicles to be used in races, test drives; vehicles which have three wheels, snow removers, motorcycles, special purpose vehicles
  • Taxis and rental cars


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