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VISA Payments

The world is nearer, payments are instant

Save time, eliminate distance, feel your friends’ and family’s presence.

If you frequently receive payments from your friends or family, you can do that with VISA quickly and easily.

VISA payments are:

  • Routed directly to your card
  • Activated on your card within 30 minutes
  • Available any day any time[1], regardless of location
  • You will get an SMS alert for each payment[2].
  • Max limit per payment: $2,500 or other currency equivalent

To make a payment, enter the recipient’s Ameriabank VISA card number via cash machine, payment terminal, Online Banking or other channel and follow instructions.


From which countries can I make payments via Visa?

VISA payments are available in partner banks in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

How do I make a payment?

To make a payment from VISA card of any bank3 to your card, enter your card number in any of the channels specified below and follow instructions:

  •  Cash machines
  •  Payment terminals
  •  Smartphone
  •  Open portals of banks
  •  Internet-Bank
  •  Bank offices

You are going to need only your VISA card number. You will not be required to submit other data, such as card expiry term, CVV2, etc.

How do I receive a payment?

You will get an SMS alert about the payment within 30 minutes after the payment is made.

Alternatively, you can check your card balance via Online/Mobile Banking or phone banking, USSD or any cash machine.

For more details about accounts please click here.

If you haven’t activated the SMS notification service, contact us at any branch office.

Last updated on 28.09.2021, 10:04