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[1] In this case, the interest is recalculated at the rate applicable at that moment to the selected deposit for the actual period of the deposit.


What is Ameria Deposit and how does it differ from other deposits?

It is a time deposit and during the effective period of the agreement, you (or any third party) should not add or withdraw amounts or exchange the deposit amount into another currency. Unlike this type of deposit, other types allow you to top up the deposit, withdraw a part of the money, or terminate the deposit.

In what currency and for what term can I make a deposit?

You can make a time deposit at Ameriabank in AMD, USD, EUR, and RUB for a term of 30-1825 days.

How much is insurance coverage of my deposit?

       The deposit amount is insured by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

       The maximum guarantee coverage for deposits in Armenian drams is AMD 16 million and AMD 7 million for deposits in foreign currency.

       For deposits both in AMD and foreign currency where the AMD-denominated deposit exceeds AMD 7 million, the guarantee coverage is up to AMD 16 million for AMD-denominated amounts only. The maximum insurance coverage is AMD 16 million.

       If the amount of AMD deposit is under AMD 7 million, the insurance will cover your AMD deposit in full; if the deposit is in foreign currency, it is covered to the extent of the difference between AMD 7 million and the full amount of the insured AMD deposit. The maximum insurance coverage is AMD 7 million.

What documents do I need to make a deposit?

To make a deposit, you should submit your identity document and personal public services number or your ID card.

How can I make a deposit?

To make a deposit, visit any branch of the Bank and present the required documents. If you are already an Ameriabank client, you may submit a deposit application via the Online Banking system.

Is the interest payable into my bank account taxable?

Yes. Income tax is payable on the interest credited to the depositor’s bank account at a rate of 10% in Armenia, in accordance with the tax legislation of the Republic of Armenia

How can I renew my deposit agreement?

       The deposit application agreement may be extended in cases and manner envisaged thereby and Terms and Conditions of Deposits for Individuals.

       Moreover, if the depositor does not request to return the deposit amount upon the expiry thereof, then, based on the option selected by the depositor in the application agreement, either (i) the agreement is prolonged according to the terms specified therein and the rates effective in the bank at that moment, or (ii) the deposit is transferred to the depositor’s bank account subject to applicable rates and fees.

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