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Metal Accounts

Earn money on precious metals

A metal account is a very useful tool to invest in precious metals and earn on rises in the price. Start small and gain more year by year!

If you have a metal account in gold, you may keep yourself safe from the trouble of saving in different currencies and worrying about exchange rate risks.

Metal accounts are designed to take a record of and deal in your paper gold. The only data required for opening a metal account is the purity and weight of gold.

  • Earn on the rise in the global price of gold
  • Less impact of exchange rate volatilities
  • Protection from fraud inherent to trading in physical gold
  • Saving time
  • No risk of loss or damage
  • Highly liquid: you may sell the gold to the bank at any time at the then-effective rate
  • No time or amount limits for investing

Opening accounts

999.9 purity gold only

Account balance

No minimum deposit required

Keeping record

Paper gold recorded in grams up to two decimal places


How should I purchase gold for a metal account?

You may purchase paper gold from Ameriabank or make a transfer from a metal account owned by you or other persons.

How should I withdraw gold from my metal account?

You may withdraw gold from your account by selling the gold to the bank or by transferring it to your or other persons’ metal accounts. The bank purchases gold at its quotations. Buy and sell rates defined by the bank per 1g of gold are used.

How should I deposit gold into my metal account?

No deposits or withdrawals of physical gold are required for operations via metal accounts. 

Buying and selling of paper gold are performed based on your request, which should contain the essential terms (price, date due, and weight) of the transaction. 

Transfers between metal accounts with Ameriabank are free of charge; transfers to other Armenian banks and foreign banks are subject to contractual fees and rates.

Last updated on 28.09.2021, 09:44