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AMD 3 - 50 million

Loan amount

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240 months

Loan term

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13.83% – 14.49%

Actual interest rate

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at least 10%

Minimum down payment

Online loan for purchase of apartment from primary market

From the choice of a new home to obtaining a loan - do everything online. 

Buying an apartment from the primary market online is real now. On the platform, you may complete all the steps of your home-buying journey online. 

Submit your online application, after the approval of the loan, provide all required information and sign the agreements online. To execute the transaction, you will only be required to visit the notary’s office. You may apply for a loan jointly with a co-borrower, inviting the latter to join the loan application. The co-borrower will be simply required to accept the invitation and complete the same steps.


no visit to the Bank required

no evaluation of the property required

property insurance by the Bank

no loan service fees


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Provide your data and find out how much money you can apply for.

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Online lending

The entire lending process is carried out online. All you need to do is to visit the notary to complete the formalities.

Response in 5 minutes

Get the response to your online application within minutes.

Who is eligible to apply for a loan online?

You may submit an online loan application if you are a RA citizen aged 18-45 and apply for the loan without a co-borrower or with a co-borrower who is an RA citizen aged 18-45, your spouse or another family member (parent, sibling, or child)
In all other cases, please visit any of the Bank’s offices to submit a loan application.

What documents are required for online lending?

To fill out the loan application, a personal identification document (passport or ID card) and a social card are required. If there is a co-borrower, you will need to provide the details of the co-borrower’s personal identification document and the social card as well.

Where can I find the offers of the developers cooperating with Ameriabank?

Please follow this link for detailed information on the developers’ offers.

How long does it take for the Bank to make a decision on loan disbursement?

You will get a response by SMS and email within 5 minutes after the submission of the loan application. You can view the decision on your profile as well. If you are applying for a loan together with a co-borrower, the co-borrower is also required to fill out and confirm the loan application. We will then review your application and respond to it within 5 minutes.

How long does the lending process last?

The lending process commences with the receipt of the Bank’s notice regarding the decision taken and ends once the loan package is approved online. The entire process lasts up to 7 calendar days.

Is there any need to visit the Bank during the lending process?

You will need to visit a notary’s office to sign the documents required for collateral registration at the end of the process. All other processes are implemented via the online platform.

Online loan for purchase of residential real estate from primary market (PDF)

Online Home Purchase Loan (primary market)*  




Purchase of residential property for residential, lease or investment purposes       


Client’s personal details

Eligible age of client/co-borrower

18-65, provided that the age of the borrower by the time of expiry of loan agreement will not have exceeded 65



 Citizens of Armenia who are resident in Armenia


Loan terms




Minimum and maximum loan limit

 AMD 3,000,000 - AMD 50,000,000


Term (months)

61 - 240


Nominal annual interest rate, property insurance included**

 Adjustable fixed** (rate can be changed starting from the 37th month)


Fixed component 4.5% + variable component (base rate)


Annual percentage rate***, property insurance included

13.83 - 15.65%


Lump sum disbursement fee



Minimum down payment

At least 10% of the property being purchased


Forms of loan repayment


Annuity (equal monthly installments consisting of a portion of loan and a portion of interest)



Eligible collateral

The loan is secured by the real estate being purchased.


Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio

The loan amount may be up to 90% of the sale price set by the Developer***, unless other price is determined by the Bank.                                                                                                                                                    


Location of real estate to be pledged

Yerevan, regional centers of Armenia, towns where Ameriabank has branches, as well as Jrvezh, Arinj, Dzoraghbyur, Kasakh, Tsaghkadzor, Masis and Yeghvard


Appraisal of the collateral

The pledge value is deemed to be equal to the final price (sale price approved while booking the property) specified by the Developer in the ecosystem of the Bank.


Insurance of the collateral

Insurance of the collateral

The insurance of the pledged real estate is to be obtained only if the market value of the property is above AMD 100 million or the real estate being pledged is an apartment in Yerevan.
Insurance of the pledged real estate to be obtained by the Bank on an annual basis throughout the loan term, to the extent of the outstanding loan.


Required documents

Required documents

Required documents filed together with the loan application


ID, public services number


Documents required after loan approval


 Marriage certificate (if any) and ID of the spouse, public services number 


Certificate of title to the real estate/right to purchase


Certificate of security interest registration


Unified reference on real estate encumbrance


• Documentary proof that the down payment was made in a non-cash manner (e.g.: original receipt, or, if paid electronically, a document showing that the electronic payment was confirmed). Such proof is not required if the payment was made from the accounts held with the Bank and the Bank specialist has exported the payment document from the system.


Other documents as required


Early repayment fee

Early repayment fee

At any time during a contractual year the borrower can make an early repayment to the extent of outstanding principal amount of loan for that contractual year. A contractual year is each period of 12 months following the date of execution of credit agreement.
Where the amount of early repayment exceeds the specified limit, the following fees are charged:
• Max 0.6% of early repayment, if made during the first year of agreement
• Max 0.4% of early repayment, if made during the second year of agreement
• Max 0.2% of early repayment, if made during the third year of agreement


10. Late payment fines and penalties

10.1. Late payment fines and penalties

The interest rate specified in the loan agreement will continue to be applied to overdue loans.
Fine in the amount of 0.13 % of overdue loan/interest for each day of delay.


Other fees

Other fees payable by the client

Fee for notarization of real estate pledged as collateral
Fee for registration of the right of ownership/purchase and the Bank rights arising out of the pledge agreements with the State Committee of Real Estate Cadaster of the Government of the Republic of Armenia
Fee for the unified reference on real estate encumbrance issued by  the State Committee of Real Estate Cadaster of the Government of the Republic of Armenia


1These terms have been previously known as Retail Lending Terms and Conditions under code 11RBD PL 72-03-01. Some of the Bank documents may contain references to these terms and conditions under the former name and code.


*Attention! The offer of the agreement is provided to the client following which the client may use the 7-day cooling-off period envisaged by the Armenian laws and regulations.


**Attention. The adjustable nominal interest rate may be revised no more than twice a year. Furthermore, depending on the change of the adjustable nominal interest rate, the threshold above or below which the nominal rate cannot change is ±4%.


***The list of developers is determined by the Bank.





Modification of the loan terms


Change of the loan repayment date


Substitution of pledged property (for real estate; including change of the property owner)


Substitution of pledged property (for vehicles; including change of the owner of the pledged vehicles)


Provision of pledge-related consents, permissions and references

5,000 (VAT included)

These fees apply if changes are initiated by the client. Where several fees are payable due to a single change, only the highest of them shall be charged for one time. These fees do not apply to loans secured by cash, bonds and metal accounts. Where a new collateral or guarantor is added due to the change of pledge, the fee is not charged.

The real estate should be appraised by an appraisal company cooperating with the bank. The company is selected by the client from the offered list. Appraisal fee: AMD 13,000-30,000 depending on the property. On a case-by-case basis, the fee for appraisal of major items of property may be negotiable. The list of appraisal companies cooperating with the Bank may be found at the link below.

Հաճախորդը վճարում է նաև այլ ծառայությունների համար`

  • Notary fee: AMD 25,000-30,000
  • ՀՀ ԿԱ ԱԳԿ – ում անշարժ գույքի նկատմամբ իրավունքների պետական գրանցում`   56,000 ՀՀ դրամ

    Required documents filed together with the loan application
  • ID, public services number

    Documents required after loan approval
  •   Marriage certificate (if any) and ID of the spouse, public services number 
  • Certificate of title to the real estate/right to purchase 
  • Certificate of security interest registration
  • Unified reference on real estate encumbrance
  • Other documents as required


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