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Online loan for purchase of apartment from primary market

From the choice of a new home to obtaining a loan - do everything online. 

Buying an apartment from the primary market online is real now. On the platform, you may complete all the steps of your home-buying journey online. 

Submit your online application, after the approval of the loan, provide all required information and sign the agreements online. To execute the transaction, you will only be required to visit the notary’s office. You may apply for a loan jointly with a co-borrower, inviting the latter to join the loan application. The co-borrower will be simply required to accept the invitation and complete the same steps.


no visit to the Bank required

no evaluation of the property required

property insurance by the Bank

no loan service fees


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Provide your data and find out how much money you can apply for.

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Online lending

The entire lending process is carried out online. All you need to do is to visit the notary to complete the formalities.

Response in 5 minutes

Get the response to your online application within minutes.

Loan Calculators

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How much can you borrow? Calculate how much you can borrow as a mortgage based on your salary or other income and your financial situation.

Real estate loan for secondary market

mortgage from secondary market

If you have already found your ideal home on the secondary market and are looking for financing options, our offer is for you. You can obtain financing directly from us or transfer your house loan from another bank or credit organization to Ameriabank.

Construction loan

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Our construction loan offers are designed to help you build your property for residential purposes, as well as for commercial use, lease, or other investments.