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Ameria Partner

Upmarket service to meet your needs

Ameria Partner means mutual trust, partnership and lasting friendship. 

Ameria Partner is a status granted only to a small privileged group of individuals based on their operations, value of assets and income.

Customized services under Ameria Partner status will be available not only for you, but for your family as well. For the purposes of this communication, family members means parent, sibling, spouse, and children.

Ameria Partner provides a wide range of benefits and preferential offerings for you.

  • Your personal client relationship manager
  • VISA Infinite card without annual service fee
  • Cash-in-transit services
  • Special fees and terms
  • Customized service in comfortable areas designed especially for Ameria Partners

Infinite card

Free of charge

Special terms

Special terms and tariffs for many products and services

Free-of-charge consulting

Consulting from our financial, legal և management consulting departments

Individualized Approach

You will receive detailed consultation about all banking services, and have any transaction executed straight away.

Your Infinite Card

As Ameria Partner you will receive a complimentary Visa Infinite card that will have your Ameriabank Partner status engraved on it. Having a Visa Infinite card opens another exciting world of new opportunities and benefits for you. Visa Infinite benefits include not only special privileges, but a worldwide concierge service, emergency assistance and insurance services.

Superior Service

We value your time. We tailor our services to your needs. Name a time and place, whether on Ameriabank premises or other place you like.

Our service embraces fields beyond everyday banking. Our management is always open to meet you at our conference facilities. Your personal relationship manager will be at your disposal to take care of your financial issues at all times.

Preferential Terms

The services you use and transactions you perform at Ameria Group of Companies will have special tariffs. Your Partner status will allow you to have easy access to our special loan products with expedited procedure. Among other options, you can request urgent increase of credit limit even if you are abroad at that time.

VIP Travel

Enjoy luxury setting and service while traveling for business or pleasure at our business lounge designed and branded especially for your comfort at Zvartnots Armenian International Airport. You’ll be able to enjoy the exclusive privacy at the special Ameriabank business lounge with unlimited access during the year.


Make the most of the opportunity to shop at luxury brands during non-working hours, participate in all in-store private fashion shows, and shop over the phone with the shop assistant delivering options to the location you name. Additionally, you will be the first to know about special discount days and get a loyalty card not only for you but for your loved ones as well.

Personal Protection

With us you will be able to travel and live in any angle of the world safely knowing that you will have the benefit of an exclusive international medical insurance package.

Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoy VIP treatment and exclusive discount for yearly membership at one of the best fitness centers in Armenia. You will have VIP parking and VIP cloakroom, if available, at your disposal whenever you visit the center.

Luxury Events

We offer you an exclusive complimentary package of event planning and management. You will be able to plan your events in Yerevan and get consultation regarding event planning and management outside Yerevan. All your projects will get direct attention of the CEO of our partner event planning company.

Always Up To Date

You will enjoy the exclusive opportunity to attend all Ameria-organized or sponsored events, receive regular updates about important Ameriabank events and innovations, and attend various banking forums, seminars and presentations.

If you would like to become an Ameria Partner, please leave your contacts and our specialist will get back to you.


In addition to complimentary banking services, your Partner status will give you access to individual consultations. Our financial, legal, management and audit advisory services, including company screenings, are at the disposal of you and your business.

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