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Yerevan Ride packages

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AMD 1000

Daily Package

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AMD 2000

3-day package

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AMD 9000

Monthly package

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AMD 49000

Annual package

About the special offer

Every day, we create new possibilities and seek new partners to fill your day with new impressions and “wows.” We started our cooperation with Yerevan Ride just for you. If you are an Ameriabank cardholder you may obtain an annual and monthly subscription to the YerevanRide application and ride the most eco-friendly transport in our city at a special discount. 

To use this offer, just make a payment in YerevanRide app with your card (ArCa, ArCa-MIR, Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa AYO Classic, Cirrus Maestro, or MasterCard Standard) and get a 30% discount for monthly or annual subscription. 40% and 50% discounts apply to Gold and Platinum cards respectively.

If you are not yet an Ameriabank cardholder

Open an account online, get a free account, one Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard card and MyAmeria online/mobile banking.

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How should I use this app?


Find a free bike

Find a free bike by using the application.


Scan the QR

Scan the QR code and ride a green bike.


Park the bike on pavement

Park the bike on pavement in a pedestrian-free area.


Be careful!

Lock the bike. Enjoy Yerevan with YerevanRide.

Enjoy Yerevan with YerevanRide.

You can download the application from App Store or Google Play.

With more than one account-holders, their authorities are defined under the account opening agreement and approved signature cards. All persons who open the account are required to sign the account opening agreement.

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MyAmeria makes it possible to perform the key banking operations on iOS, Android and Web platforms without visiting the bank.


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