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Our ATMs are always at hand

Our cash machines and automated self-service terminals are available anywhere in Armenia. In addition to just withdrawing cash, you can make instant cash deposits into your account, as well as utility and other payments.

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G-pay, Apple pay, Garmin Pay

G-pay, Apple pay, Garmin Pay provide fast, easy and secure payments with smart devices all over the world.

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Our Contact Center and Voice Service are available 24/7.


What is a SMART Account?

SMART Account is a bank account opened completely online, without visiting the bank in person. When you open a SMART Account, you also get a VISA Classic or MasterCard Standard card free of charge, as well as 24/7 Online Banking with access to manage accounts and perform transactions.

How can I open an account online?

Opening SMART Accounts online is easy and simple.

  • Fill in the application form
  • Take a photo of your ID and a selfie
  • Select a complimentary payment card and delivery mode
  • Register in Online Banking to manage your account remotely
  • Once the bank has approved your application, you will be able to log in to Online Banking and perform certain transactions (see further for details). In order to be able to use all available services freely, without restrictions, as well as to activate your card, you will be required to pass full identification via a video call or by visiting us in person. If you are a non-resident citizen of Armenia, your full identification will be performed in accordance with the appropriate internal procedures of the bank.

On what days/hours can I open a SMART Account?

You can apply for a SMART Account online whenever you like.

Can I open a SMART Account if I am abroad?

Yes, you can open SMART Accounts from abroad as well. All you need is an ID (be an Armenian resident*) and a social card, a smartphone with Internet access or a computer with a webcam, as well as an active Armenian mobile number. If you order a card, it will be delivered to the Armenia-based address specified by you.

*An Armenian resident means an individual whose center of vital interests is located in the Republic of Armenia. The center of vital interests is the Republic of Armenia if a house or an apartment where the person’s family resides or the principal place of implementation of the economic (professional) activity is located there.

Can I open a SMART Account if I am a foreign national resident in Armenia?

Currently, only citizens of the Republic of Armenia can open SMART Accounts online.

What is the difference between restricted-access accounts and full-access current accounts?

When you apply online, a restricted-access account, which you can use until you pass full identification in accordance with the laws of Armenia and internal regulations of Ameriabank, is open for you. With restricted access, you can perform certain bank transactions.

Once you have passed full identification, you will get full access to your current account, which means that now you can also make payments to accounts of other persons, as well as payments between your own accounts, deposit and withdraw cash, and exchange currency. 

Accounts (with either restricted or full access) are opened based on your application within 1 business day.

What transactions can I perform via a restricted-access account?

You can perform the following transactions via a restricted-access account:

  • Transfers between your own accounts with a daily limit of 400,000 Armenian drams or foreign currency equivalent
  • Transfers between Ameriabank accounts
  • Currency exchange
  • Utility payments
  • Payments to the state budget
  • Payments of traffic tickets
  • You can also submit applications for services available at that time in Online Banking

How can I make my SMART Account unrestricted?

To gain unrestricted access to banking transactions via your SMART Account, you need to pass full identification via a video call or by visiting us in person. To schedule a video call, log in to Online Banking, click “restricted” and select the date and time.

What is a video call?

During the video call, our employee completes the identification of the person who opens an account online. The video call is recorded. Once you have passed full identification, you can gain unrestricted access to your account and activate your payment card. You can fix the date and time for your video call when submitting the SMART Account application.

During the video call, you will be asked to answer several questions about who you are and what you do.

For more details about accounts please click here.

For more details about accounts please click here.

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