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MyAmeria application

The bank is wherever you need it

Manage your funds via MyAmeria application.

MyAmeria mobile banking application is available on iOS and Android devices.  

Just download the application, get registered in the system and execute your banking operations anywhere you find it most convenient. 

Click here for details about MyAmeria web option.

Fast and safe

You can use fingerprint/FaceID or PIN code to log into MyAmeria application and make transactions.  When you activate the application, a token will be enclosed automatically. It is embedded in the application and ensures security of the system. 

Login to MyAmeria web option using QR code

You can log into MyAmeria web option without a password. Just scan the QR code using MyAmeria application.  

Key transactions in your application

With MyAmeria you can perform all key banking operations.   

Free transfers to card

From November 01, 2022 to February 01, 2023 make transfers to cards issued by Armenian banks without paying fees.  

More favorable exchange rates

From October 20, 2022 to January 20, 2023 more favorable exchange rates apply in MyAmeria application for FX transactions in USD, EUR and RUB. 

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How to use MyAmeria application?

Download it from App Store or Google Play Store, get registered in the system and/or enter your username and password, if you are a current user.

How to get registered in MyAmeria application if I am a new user?

To get registered in the application, you need to download it from App Store or Google Play and go through the stages of registration. 

Detailed registration guide is available here

What should do if I have an active account in Ameria Mobile Banking?

If you have an active account in Ameria Mobile Banking, you just need to log into MyAmeria application with the username and password of Ameria Mobile Banking and go through the process of activation. 

If login is not successful for any reason, please call us at (+37415) 56 11 11 or email us at

What do I need PIN code for?

While activating your MyAmeria account, you set a PIN code required to confirm transactions if the biometric identification setting on the phone is off. 

The length of the PIN code should be 6 digits and should not contain consecutive numbers or 4 or more repeated characters.

How do I deactivate/activate fingerprint recognition/face ID?

You can deactivate/activate the possibility of login with fingerprint or FaceID in MyAmeria.

Select “Security and Password” section in the settings of MyAmeria and deactivate or activate the login option you need in just one click. 

Login is activated in this manner if the phone has the required feature and it is activated on the phone. 

What transactions can I perform via MyAmeria application?

Via MyAmeria you can:

  • Perform transfers

o Between your own accounts 

o Transfer to card (using the 16 digits embossed on the card)

o MoneyTo (transfers via phone number or email address between Ameriabank clients)

o Transfer in Armenia (transfers via bank account)

o Utility payments 

o Transfer to the budget

o Deposit replenishment 

o Loan repayment 

  • Open requests 

o Settlement, metal and savings account opening

o Deposit opening

o Plastic and digital card opening

o Card reissuance 

o Card blocking/unblocking 

  • View accounts, cards, loans and savings
  • Make contactless payments (Apple Pay, NFC)
  • View the history of transfers 
  • Create templates
  • Change the system settings (changes in personal data, classification of accounts, etc.)
  • Perform FX transactions
  • Restore the password/username 
  • Contact the bank 

For more details about accounts please click here.

Last updated on 01.11.2022, 09:49