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Ameria Mobile Banking

The bank is wherever you need it

With a few clicks you can manage your accounts anywhere in the world at any time of day.

Almost all key functions of Ameriabank’s Online Banking are available in our mobile app for iOS and Android.

For details about Online Banking click here.

Faster and safer login

You can use PIN code or activate the fingerprint recognition/face ID functions from your settings.

Use QR code to log into Ameria Online Banking

You can use the QR code on the homepage of the mobile app to log into Ameria Online Banking without password. In order to do this you have to be logged into the mobile app. 

Key functions

With Ameria Mobile Banking you can perform almost all key banking operations.

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How do I use the Ameria Mobile Banking app?

Download Ameria Mobile Banking from App Store or Google Play, enter a username and password.

How do I activate PIN or fingerprint recognition/face ID?

To be able to log into Ameria Mobile Banking using PIN code, select “PIN code” in the settings and enter your current password and a PIN code which should contain max 4 characters.

To log into Ameria Mobile Banking using fingerprint/face recognition, select “Fingerprint” in the settings and confirm you fingerprints (no confirmation is required for iOS devices). Note that in order to use fingerprint or face recognition for login, your device must have corresponding technical capabilities and these capabilities muse be activated. 

After 3 wrong PIN codes or wrong fingerprints access will be blocked and you will need a password to log in. To avoid frequent blockings you will get notifications about available number of attempts.

What transactions can I perform via Mobile Banking?

Via Ameria Mobile Banking you can:


  • Your current and card account balances and payments
  • Your loan statuses, payment schedules and performed operations
  • Your deposit statuses and performed operations
  • Your payment history
  • Exchange rates
  • Incoming and outgoing messages


  • Transfers
  • Ameriastream transfer
  • Currency exchange
  • Loan payments
  • Deposit top-ups
  • Utility payments
  • Change passwords and view transactions logs

 As well as:

  • View payment order templates, create new ones and use them to make payments
  • Find nearest branch and ATM locations
  • Copy payments
  • Send messages

For more details about accounts please click here.

Last updated on 28.09.2021, 09:49