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Online Banking

We are wherever you are

We are with you everywhere across the world, at any time of day. We take care that your bank transactions and payments are quick, easy and safe. Manage your accounts and make safe payments without visiting the bank.

  • All your accounts in one place
  • Transaction security
  • Utilities
  • Online applications for bank services

Service activation

Lump sum fee of AMD 1,000 or AMD 3,000

Special terms

Special terms for for different services

24/7 Account Management

Manage all your accounts, make payments between your accounts or to other banks in Armenia and abroad, exchange currency, make loan payments, pay utility bills and do many other things. Learn more.

Safe and Secure

All data are encrypted and protected with 2FA. To perform transactions, you will need your password/PIN-code and for each transaction also – the unique one-time password generated by your Digipass token or AmeriaToken app.  

The Bank in Your Smartphone

 Download our free Ameria Mobile Banking app and you will be able to perform most of key banking operations. Always handy and free-of-charge. Learn more.

QR Codes

You can access your online banking page also using the QR code from the homepage of the mobile app, no need to enter password. In order to use the code you need to be logged into the app.

Free-of-Charge Online Banking and Visa Classic or Master Card Standard Cards

When you open an account with Ameriabank, you immediately get Ameria Online and Mobile Banking free of charge, and a Visa Classic or Master Card Standard card – whichever brand you prefer.

Ready to activate the service?


What transactions can I perform via Online Banking?

With Online Banking you can save much of the time you would otherwise have spent banking. You can view your account balances and payments, loans, deposits, payment schedules and exchange rates. You can perform all key transactions, such as utility payments, Ameriastream transfer, transfers between your and other people’s accounts; submit applications to get a bank card, open a savings account or make a deposit, submit requests to get cash, references and other info, and other things besides, with a simple click, without having to come to the bank.

How do I use the Digipass token?

Your Digipass token generates one-time passwords to log into the system and confirm payments, ensuring high level of security and minimizing the risk of third parties getting access to and using your password.

To use the device, just press the button on it. Once you press the button, the devices generates a 6-digit code for you to use. In order to log into the system, you will need, in addition to your username and password, to enter the 6-digit one-time code generated by Digipass. To confirm a payment or document, enter the 6-digit one-time code and click “save & sign".

Each one-time code is valid for 30 seconds, after which the token switches off and you need to generate a new code.

DO NOT dismantle the token and/or subject it to any physical action.

What do I do if the system does not accept the code generated by the token?

Possible reasons for the system not accepting the code are as follows:

  • The token has not been used for a long time.
  • You have entered a wrong code for several times on end.
  • The token has been blocked by the Bank.

If the system does not accept the code, please contact us.

What do I do if I have lost my token

If you have lost your token, please let us know immediately, so that we can take care to ensure the safety of your cash.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by answering the security question. Alternatively, contact the Bank.

To recover your password you will need your personal details specified. You can provide and edit your personal details in “Settings” > “My Data”. If you have not provided your personal details, you won't be able to recover the password by yourself and will need to contact the Bank.

For more details about accounts please click here.

How to apply



Provision of a token/replacement

of the token with the same type



AMD 5,000 lump sum


Provision of a token/Ameria Token (in case of loss or damage), replacement of the existing token

AMD 1,000, VAT included

Cancellation and amendment of payment order data based on the client’s request processed by Internet Banking/Mobile Banking System

In case of payments in AMD - 500 AMD

In case of payments in RUB - 10 000 AMD

In case of payments in other currencies - 25 000 AMD

Return of the client’s payment order by the correspondent bank


In case of payment orders in AMD


In case of payment orders in RUB

10 000 AMD

In case of payment orders in other currency

25 000 AMD

Card re-issuance via Online Banking / Mobile Banking system (for other reasons)

Arca Classic/Arca Mir - 1,500 AMD

Visa Classic/MasterCard standard - 1,500 AMD

VISA Classic Moons- 1,500 AMD

Visa Digital-1,500 AMD

Visa Gold/MasterCard Gold - 3,000 AMD

Visa Platinum/MasterCard Platinum - 3,000 AMD

Visa Infinite - 3,000 AMD


To ensure high-quality security for clients using the Internet Banking service Digipass devices of VASCO Data Security company are implemented in the system. Data Security is the world leader among companies, producing identification devices for on-line systems, VASCO. Digipass 270 may generate one-time entry passwords to log on into the system and authenticate the documents.

Digipass GO 3 Operating Instruction

To turn on/off GO 3 press the triangle button . Digipass 270 will turn itself off automatically if left idle (no buttons pressed) for 30 seconds. 6-digit code is generated upon activation of Digipass GO 3. This code may be used for two purposes:

  • to enter into the system, the user shall enter the user name, password and the number generated by Digipass GO 3, i.e. one-time code into the appropriate field,
  • to authenticate a document, the user shall enter the number generated by Digipass GO 3 into the appropriate field and sign the document.

It is strictly forbidden to open the device or expose to any other influence. 

Last updated on 24.05.2022, 09:46