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** Stickers provided by the Bank are valid until 31.12.2024 inclusive, after which their use will be blocked by the Bank. Currently, the issuance of these card types is discontinued.

*** Cashback will no longer be paid on ArCa Carrefour Smile cards starting from July 01, 2023. Currently, cards of this type are not issued, and active cards will be valid until expiry of the card validity term.


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Safe and Secure

Transactions with Ameriabank's cards are safe and secure. We are always there for you to ensure the security of your funds and data. Contact us for any card-related inquiries, we are available 24/7.

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Manage your accounts without visiting the bank

MyAmeria Online/Mobile banking platforms, as well as our phone banking services, allow you to make transfers and payments, including loan ones, check your account, and much more.

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Individually-specified PIN code

If you want an easy-to-remember PIN code, set your own one via ATM. If your PIN code becomes or is suspected to become available to third parties, you can change it for security reasons.

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Additional cards for you and your relatives

You may order an additional card to plan and manage your expenses jointly with your relatives.

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USSD service

You may block your card and obtain information about your account balance, available services, or recent operations anytime and anywhere by using the USSD service.

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Our ATMs are always at hand

Our cash machines and automated self-service terminals are available anywhere in Armenia. In addition to just withdrawing cash, you can make instant cash deposits into your account, as well as utility and other payments.

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Student card

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Visa Student card is the starting point for your best banking experience. It will enable you to manage your own funds and save money.

MyAmeria online/mobile banking

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We have developed MyAmeria, which makes it possible to perform the key banking operations on iOS, Android and Web platforms without visiting the bank.

Smart account

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Open an account at Ameriabank without visiting the bank and get a free bank account, payment card and online/mobile banking.