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Visa PaySticker

Contactless payments by a sticker for those who value each second

Visa Pay Sticker is an effective tool for convenient and quick payments and purchases. Stick it to your smartphone, wallet or other personal items you always have with you.

Visa PaySticker is a Visa  contactless card sticker linked to the primary card. It enables you to make contactless payments and purchases by using Visa Pay Wave technology in Armenia and abroad.

Note that this service is available at the majority of merchants in our country.

You can

  • have several stickers linked to the primary card
  • make transactions irrespective of Internet access
  • receive cashback
  • make safe and secure payments and purchases

Service fee

AMD 3,000 annually


Payments under 20,000 AMD without entering PIN1


AMD 1500, in case of loss, damage, theft, loss of PIN or its disclosure to third parties

1There is a daily quota of 5 no-PIN payments for each Visa PaySticker.


What is Visa PaySticker?

Visa PaySticker is a one-sided Visa Electron contactless card sticker. It enables you to make contactless payments out of the funds available on your card account. The sticker is linked to the primary card (Visa, Mastercard and ARCA cards) [1]. It is issued in the name of the primary cardholder or a third party (additional cardholder) based on the application filed by the primary cardholder.

[1]Other than Gift Cards, ArCa Customs Cards and Business Cards issued by Ameriabank

How to use the sticker?

To use the sticker just remove it from the middle and stick it to your wallet, smartphone, bag or any other object you always have with you. Stickers should not be stuck to the surface of the objects having metal radio shielding parts (radio screens).

You can use the sticker even if you attach it to your phone beneath the case as long as the case is not metal

Where can I use the sticker?

Sticker is a payments tool which can be used in Armenia and worldwide at all merchants where contactless payments are supported.

About 80% of merchants in Armenia support contactless payments. Soon you will be able to use stickers also via Ameriabank ATMs.

Do I need Internet connection on the smartphone to use the sticker?

No, you only need the sticker to make payments. You do not need to have a smartphone or other device, to charge it and/or connect to Internet for using the sticker.

Moreover, you do not need to log into Mobile/Online Banking and enter or confirm the transaction amount in your smartphone each time you make a payment.

Do I have to download any app for using the sticker?


No, As a VISA international product, Visa PaySticker works without any apps.

Can I get cashback when paying by a sticker?

Yes, Cashback for card payments is provided also for the transactions made by the sticker. Cashback will be paid to your primary card account the same way as in case of card payments.

Do the stickers have a PIN code?

Yes Visa PayStickers have PINs, which are required for each payment above AMD 20,000.

You can perform up to 5 payments a day without entering PIN by VisaPaySticker. The 6th transaction below AMD 20,000 will be rejected. There are no restrictions for transactions above AMD 20,000 for which PIN is entered.

It is possible to make a payment by the sticker without my knowledge?

Your account may be debited without your knowledge by means of a sticker if the POS terminal is brought too close to the sticker which is practically impossible to do unnoticed.

In Armenia POS terminals are linked to the accounts of registered business entities so they can be prosecuted for debiting your account without your knowledge by means  of a contactless sticker (for e.g. when the sticker is in your bag or in your pocket) or for other fraudulent actions.


Immediately call us if your account was debited without your knowledge or you suspect fraud.

Can I change AMD 20,000 limit?

AMD 20,000 limit for payments without PIN has been set by VISA and is applicable to all cards in Armenia.

So you can’t change it.

However, as the sticker is an additional card linked to the primary one, you can assign daily or monthly spending limits for it.

Are there any restrictions for the use of stickers?

You cannot use stickers for online payments.

What to do if I lose the sticker?

Immediately contact us and block the sticker if you lose it. You can block it yourself via USSD service or Online Banking.

Can I use the sticker for online payments?

No, you cannot use VisaPaySticker for online payments.

See Visa PaySticker full terms here.

Last updated on 28.09.2021, 10:24