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Tell a Friend

Ameriabank is yours and mine

Join Tell a Friend program and come to Ameriabank together with your friend.

Share your experience of being an Ameriabank client with your friends, tell them about all the benefits of banking with us and get an opportunity to make and receive instant payments, as well as our “thank you” rewards.

Tell a friend about these services

  • New account, free Online/Mobile and phone banking
  • New payment card
  • New loan or line of credit
  • Transactions in the securities market via Ameria Global Trading platform

By the way, you may enroll in the Tell a Friend program even if you’re not an Ameriabank client.

The program is also open to companies/organizations. We will sign a cooperation agreement with the company and pay the rewards on the basis of invoices.

To participate in the program:

  • Provide us the information about you (or the company), your friend (or the company) and the service referred.
  • Fill in the referral form and get the referral code
  • Give your referral code to your friend (or the company) for the latter to provide it to us when applying for the service.

Provide to the bank your details, the details of the Referred Party and those of the Referred Service.

Get a unique Referral Code by filling in the Referral Form on the bank’s website.

Provide the code to the Referred Party for them to present it to the Bank when using the service.

Fill in the referral form


How are the rewards earned?

You will get the reward if your friend (company) visits Ameriabank, shows the referral code and starts using the service. A mandatory requirement is that the validity period of the unique referral code has not expired by the time of using the service.

Can I refer my family members to Ameriabank?

Yes, you can refer all your friends and acquaintances, as well as family members.

Can I get the same reward once again if I have already had a successful experience of referring a certain service?

Yes, certainly. There are no quantitative limitations for using referral program and receiving rewards.

How long is the referral code valid?

The referral code is valid for three months starting from the date it was generated.


Referral bonus (AMD)

(before taxation)

New Card

Standard (ArCA,  Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard)


Premium (MC/Visa Gold, MC/Visa Platinum/ Infinite, MC/Visa Business)



loan or credit line

Up to AMD 2 million


From AMD 2 mln to 20 mln


From AMD 20 mln to 50 mln


Over AMD 50 mln


New client who uses Internet Banking with transaction authority


Bonuses paid out of total commissions received by the Bank from the transactions executed by the Referred Party via Ameria Global Trading platform


* Referral bonuses are taxable in accordance with the Republic of Armenia Law "On Income Tax" (for individuals) and/or other applicable Armenian regulations. When paying bonuses for successful referrals the Bank will act as a tax agent, charging and paying to the state budget the amounts envisaged by the Republic of Armenia Law "On Income Tax" (for individuals) and/or other applicable Armenian regulations.

For details about the terms of the referral program click here.

Last updated on 28.09.2021, 12:44