Ameria Global Trading
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Ameria Global Trading

Ameria Global Trading is a trading platform enabling to trade in all kinds of financial instruments available on the international financial markets by using various types of applications and algorithms.

Ameria Global Trading platform optimizes your trading speed and transaction efficiency with an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface supporting more than 50 order types as well as real-time account balance and activity monitoring.. This is the key instrument for active traders providing them with vast variety of additional options, including tools for technical analysis. The platform facilitates solution of most complex issues in stock exchanges. Our integrated approach makes it easy to trade global products and assets denominated in multiple currencies on multiple exchanges all from a single account and with low commission fee.

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Ameria Global Trading on your PC

You can run Ameria Global Trading directly from your browser. Using the browser-based version requires minimum maintenance and ensures that you always have the latest releases.

Researches, news, market data

- Latest news from news services such as Reuters, Dow Jones, etc.

- World-class analytical researches

- Calendar of events

Order types and algorithms

The AGT trading system allows you to use more than 100 order types and algorithms. Order Types և Algorithms can reduce risk, speed up order execution, improve pricing, maintain privacy, and simplify securities trading through a variety of trading functions.

Last updated on 29.09.2021, 17:29