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Booking Tour Packages via Mobile Application - Ameriabank Presents MyTour

16 Jan, 2024 | Press release, All | Return|

Ameriabank presents to the attention of its clients a unique solution for the financial and banking sector of Armenia - MyTour, which offers the opportunity to book tour packages via MyAmeria application. MyTour was integrated into MyAmeria application in cooperation with Dinno company. 

“Taken the growing number of outbound travel destinations and offers in the market, finding the right package that meets your needs is now a time-consuming and effort-intensive process. The purpose of MyTour is to transform the trip planning process and offer an unprecedented opportunity to view and book comprehensive tour packages on the spot”, - says Lilit Hayrapetyan, MyTour Product Manager.

This tool is the first of its kind on the market. It allows users to view simultaneously dozens of tour packages on one platform, with enhanced features - the user can make instant calculations of package prices changing the number of travelers or days of the trip, the flight date, etc. Once the final choice is made, the user can book the tour on the same platform. 

The slogan of MyTour is “from app to the beach”, which is completely in line with our goals, because by launching MyAmeria we sought to do more for our clients than just digitize traditional banking services, offer a range of financial and non-financial services on a single platform. In pursuit of this purpose, we are constantly improving the app and adding new features. And this is just the beginning”, - says Ruzanna Grigoryan, head of Ameriabank’s Digital Sales and Experience Division. 

At the moment, MyTour platform offers tour packages to Egypt. Soon, the geography of packages will expand to cover new destinations.

“Packages to Egypt are provided by Skytour, one of the leading tour operators. In the near future, we are also planning to expand the list of services in this regard, offering not only new destinations, but also the opportunity to view packages offered by different travel agencies on a single platform. From a long-term planning perspective, we consider MyTour as a travel ecosystem that will revolutionize the way people plan their trips and the way they travel, transforming every trip into a careless and memorable experience”, - says Lilit Hayrapetyan.

For now, the new service is available for iOS users only. MyTour will soon be launched for Android users as well.