Developments & Achievements

Ameriabank carries the legacy, traditions and experience of the Armenian banking in the 20th and 21st centuries. The headquarters of Ameriabank has hosted the most prominent banks of the Armenian banking history, the latest of which was acquired by Ameria Group (CY) Limited (formerly, TDA Holdings Limited) in 2007. We value the history that lays the foundation and sustains our current development with the breadth of traditions and the power of experience





According to the financial reports of the first two quarters Ameriabank continues to be the market leader by total assets, total liabilities, net loans and regulatory capital.  Fitch Ratings revised the Outlook on Ameriabank's Long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) to Stable, while affirming the IDR at 'B+'. Ameriabank received Euromoney 2016 Award For Excellence.  

2014 - 2015

As a result of additional share issuance in December 2015, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) acquired a stake in the Bank’s capital. Consequently, the Bank’s share capital increased by AMD 6,639,680,000 (Six billion six hundred and thirty-nine million six hundred and eighty thousand Armenian drams).

Currently the Bank’s statutory capital is 32,087,360,000 which consists of 100 273 ordinary registered shares of Ameriabank with par value of 320,000 Armenian drams each. The statutory fund of the Bank is paid completely in Armenian drams.

Ameriabank closed the year 2015 as the largest taxpayer among Armenian banks and no.15 in the list of top taxpayers of Armenia. During the reporting period, Ameriabank's assets totaled 515.9 billion AMD, having topped 1 billion USD, a record achievement in the history of the independent Republic of Armenia.

2012 - 2013

These were the years of stable development after its aggressive expansion since 2007.  In the given years Ameriabank successfully concluded corporate culture integration and client retention and loyalty development processes after the acquisition deal in 2010. At the same time, the bank continued to expand its branch network and excel its service quality.  At the end of 2013 Ameriabank maintained its key position of the biggest corporate lending bank in Armenia. Its growth rates in other business lines and main financial indicators kept the same pace and were above the market average.

2010 - 2011

Based on the GMS decision N 02/10/01 of Ameriabank CJSC, dated May 14, 2010 and GMS decision N 44/1 of Cascade Bank CJSC, dated May 14, 2010 (minutes N 44) the stated banks were reorganized through consolidation in compliance with the legislation of the RA. Ameriabank CJSC continued its corporate existence as the legal successor of Cascade Bank CJSC while separate corporate existence of Cascade Bank CJSC ceased.

The Central Bank of the RA (CBA) approved and registered the Ameriabank CJSC and Cascade Bank CJSC Merger Agreement under the resolution N 134A dated June 16, 2010. The Chairman of CBA registered the revised charter of Ameriabank CJSC under his resolution N 1/655A dated June 25, 2010 based on the merger between Ameriabank CJSC and Cascade Bank CJSC as approved by the General meeting of the banks’ shareholders dated May 17, 2010.

In November 2011 the sole shareholder TDA Holdings Limited was renamed Ameria Group (CY) Limited. Throughout 2007-2013, steadily increasing the Charter Capital of the Bank, Ameria Group (CY) Limited increased its equity participation up to 100%.


2007 - 2009

In 2007 the majority (96%) of Armimpexbank shares was acquired by TDA Holdings Limited (renamed to Ameria Group (CY) Limited in November, 2011). The oldest bank of Armenia embarked on a new development stage. The turning point in its history was heralded by the replenishment of the Bank’s resources and drastic upgrading of its services portfolio, to meet development trends and the demands of global and domestic markets. Subject to the resolution of the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders (minutes N 04/08) dated May 19, 2008, Armimpexbank CJSC was renamed into Ameriabank CJSC. The change of the Bank’s name was registered by the CBA decision N 1/506 A dated May 23, 2008.

1910 - 2007

Erivan Branch of Tiflis Trade Bank was built on Ter-Ghukasov Street (later renamed Nalbandyan Street and currently named Vazgen Sargsyan Str.) in 1910. This is the very building where Ameriabank has been headquartered. In 1916 Tiflis Trade Bank was renamed Caucasus Bank. According to archive records, most of monetary resources transferred to Armenia came through the Erivan Branch of Caucasus Bank.

Erivan Branch of Caucasus Bank was nationalized by the Decree of Revolutionary Committee as of December 18, 1920. From February 1921 until March 1922 the building was occupied by the Armenian Telegraph Agency. On March 24, 1922 the State Bank of Armenia moved in. The Communal Bank of Armenia was established in March 1924 and started its operations at # 2 Nalbandyan Street.

In 1959 the Communal Bank was disbanded, and its assets and liabilities were passed to the Armenian branch of Stroybank located in the same historical building at 2 Nalbandyan. In 1974 the Armenian branch of Vneshtorgbank of USSR was established in the same building, the Armenian branch of Stroybank having moved to another location. In 1988 the Armenian Branch of Vnesheconombank of USSR was established in the building, to be reorganized into Armimpexbank (Armenian Import and Export Bank) CJSC in 1992. In 1995 the majority equity stake of the bank was acquired by Computron Industries Establishment, which made it a bank with foreign capital.