Card Issuance Terms and Conditions


  • The card is issued within two banking days upon submission of the card application, execution of the agreement, signing of the receipt and depositing of the annual service fee and the minimum balance to the card account.
  • Together with the card, the bank provides a Personal Identity Number (PIN) in a sealed envelope. You should NOT make the card and the PIN-code available to a third party. The bank bears no responsibility for any losses you may incur due to disclosure of the PIN-code to third parties. Upon three successive wrong entries of the PIN code your card will be blocked and retained. No matter the ATM of which bank has retained your card, please contact Ameriabank to have it back.
  • The card account is opened solely to execute transactions with the card. For ArCa cards the accounts are opened and managed only in AMD, while MasterCard and VISA card accounts may be opened in USD and EUR as well.
  • When making payments at merchants or withdrawing cash from POS terminals, please sign the slip (receipt) and check the transaction amount.
  • The actual day of executing the card transaction is considered as transaction date.
  • The day of processing the transaction by the bank based on the transaction report presented by the relevant payment-settlement system is considered transaction processing date.
  • The card is issued for a two-year period and is valid until and including the last day of the month of the year specified on it. If a sufficient amount is available on the card account upon expiry date, the card is reissued automatically, provided that (i) you do not notify the bank of your intention to close the card account within 20 days prior to the expiry date and (ii) there are sufficient funds on your card account to charge the annual service fee.
  • You may obtain additional cards (max two) to be used by people whom you name. In this case, you determine a monthly limit for the additional card, which should not exceed the payment limit of the principal card. For issuance of each additional card, the additional cardholder should submit his/her passport and an application to be signed by you as well, as the primary cardholder. By signing the application you authorize the bank to debit all transaction amounts of the additional cardholder from your card account. The holder of the principal card may cancel the additional card at any time, giving prior written notice to the bank.
Additional Information:
  • In the event of termination of the card agreement you will remain liable for transactions processed prior to the termination date.
  • The bank is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses you may incur through malfunctioning of ATMs or POS terminals and disruptions in the process of card service at merchants. The same terms apply to expired cards
  • The card is the property of the bank and in case of termination of the card agreement should be returned to the bank within 5 days.
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