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Wherever you go and whatever you buy, use your Ameriabank Visa card and take your chance to participate in a draw of 33 gift cards.

Types of gift cards used in the draw

Summertime ... and getting gifts is easy with Ameriabank noncash campaign.

AMD 100.000 - 10 cards

AMD 200.000 - 20 cards

AMD 500.000 - 3 cards

AMD 1.000.000 - 1 card

Terms of the promotional draw and list of stores are available here .

Non cash is cool

How to participate in the draw?

This summer, from June 5 till August 31, 2023, inclusive, make

  10 payments with Ameriabank Visa card* in the amount of at least AMD 3000 each.

* Eligible participants are customers of Ameriabank holding Visa Visa Electron, Visa Student, Visa Moons,

 Visa Classic, Visa Digital, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Infinite, Visa Signature cards issued by Ameriabank.

No Visa card yet?

Order it online and pay everywhere with Ameriabank Visa card.

Ani khachikyan and Sos Janibekyan holding Ameria Visa card

Advertising lottery ends