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For businesses with up to AMD 750M annual turnover

A new Leasing tool from Ameriabank designed for legal entities. Get our AllincLeasing and pay only your annual interest while the bank will handle the annual insurance of the leased property and other lump-sum payments.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your vehicle fleet right today. The Bank will cover CASCO insurance of the vehicles purchased under leasing.

Benefits of ALLincLeasing

  • Insurance for the leased item is obtained by the Bank
  • The lessee pays only the annual interest and is free of any extra costs

Requirements to leased item The leased item can be acquired in the RA and abroad both from primary and secondary markets.
Eligible lessees Legal entities or individual entrepreneurs running business for at least the most recent 6 months
Advance payment

Minimum 15%

Advance payment vs. the amount of finance 15/85%

Minimum and maximum limit of finance

Minimum AMD 1 mn or equivalent amount in other currency

Maximum limit: n/a

Lease interest rate**

AMD: from 12%

USD: from 10%

EUR: from 8%

Accrual of lease interest Interest accrues on outstanding lease amount
Lump-sum fee for provision of finance N/a
Lease term 1-5 years
Repayment of principal amount before due date Lump-sum fee of 0.5% if the principal is repaid before due date during the first year after provision of finance
Late payment fee for principal and/or interest*** Fine in the amount of 0.13% of overdue principal and/or interest for each day of delay (breach of the due dates of liabilities)
Repayments Monthly, in accordance with the repayment schedule
  • Guarantee issued by the lessee’s director/founder and/or other person
  • Pledge of property/right (if required)
Insurance Required: insurance for each subsequent year is obtained by the Bank

* These terms do not apply to finance lease issued under the RA Law “On Consumer Crediting”.
** The rate and term of lease depend on the level of risk associated with the contract, type of property to be purchased and specifics of business. Lease rate depends also on term of lease.
Maximum lease rate shall not exceed 24%.
*** In case of actual application of fines and penalties their annual rate and/or total sum of fines and penalties shall be regulated by applicable limits defined under the legislation of Armenia.

Updated on 02.12.2021 11:54