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Dear Client

Because we care about your financial security, we recommend you to be cautious and follow security rules in business relationships with your partners and vendors.

 If you receive a message from your partner (by email, phone or otherwise) asking for a change of payment instructions (including bank swift code), place of business or other essential details, please re-check the received information through a different means of communication.

Take care to use alternative channels for verification.

To protect yourself, please follow these safety tips while checking the received information: 

  •  Contact the vendor/partner yourself
  • Call to a proven phone number of your partner company 
  • Email to an alternative trusted address which as you know belongs to a reliable employee of the company 
  • Contact your partner via other means of communication, for example, by fax 

If after the inquiry you still feel uncomfortable, don’t make the payment. 

At this link you can read the description of most common types of cyber-crimes that may be used by fraudsters to forge bank details and commit a fraud. 

Ameriabank CJSC Information Security Policy  (PDF)

Updated on 02.12.2021 17:52