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Ameriabank offers its clients foreign exchange transactions, including spot, swap, and forward transactions. FX transactions allow you to buy currencies quoted by the bank at very competitive rates and possibly minimize the exposure to currency risks amidst exchange rate volatility.



  • Where the foreign currency exchange transaction amount exceeds 400,000 AMD, a personal identification document is required. 
  • Online banking allows clients to make non-cash FX transactions. Any transaction for AMD 20 million and above are subject to approval by the Bank. Foreign exchange transactions executed online on business days after 6:00 p. m. and non-business days (including holidays) with the trade value for AMD 20 million and above may be rejected due to volatility of exchange rates on the local and international markets.
  • FX conversion transactions may be also rejected for the following reasons:

                   ✔ The client account balance by close of the business day is not sufficient to execute the transaction.

                   ✔ There is a restriction placed on the client’s account (Compulsory Enforcement Service lien or any other encumbrance).

                   ✔ If the FX transaction amount is equal to or exceeds USD 200,000 (two hundred thousand) or its equivalent in another foreign currency quoted by the Bank. In certain cases, the transaction may be performed at currency exchange rates other than the rates published by the Bank, as agreed upon with the client on a contractual basis.

                   ✔ Other

  • If a foreign currency exchange transaction via online banking is rejected, the client is notified about the reason.
  • Purchase and sale transactions are executed in Chinese Yuan only with legal entity clients provided that respective documents are available. 
  • Foreign currency exchange transactions are free of charge.






Our broad trading opportunities in the FX markets enable us to offer our customers trading in the currencies quoted by the bank at most competitive rates. 







We offer our customers swap transactions on contractual basis both on the domestic and international markets. 








Ameriabank offers forward transactions in currencies quoted by the bank. The delivery dates depend on the currency. In case of FX/FX transactions, the term may be up to one year. In case of FX/AMD transactions, the term is determined based on the market situation. All forward transactions are negotiable.

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