For Corporate Clients

Terms of domestic factoring




Terms and Conditions



Application fee (if approved)


AMD 15,000


Fee for review of terms*

AMD 10,000 (except as otherwise provided for in the agreement)




Annual interest rate applied to the amount of factoring financing (less the amount provided to the client upon settlement of liabilities under the assigned claim)




From 12%




Front-end fee for factoring provision (% of the assigned amount)


0.6 – 3.0%



Term of financing (maximum time span between provision of financing and settlement of liabilities under the assigned claim)


120 days



Ratio of factoring financing amount to the amount of assigned claim (less the amount provided to the client upon settlement of liabilities under the assigned claim)



Maximum 90%




Pledge, warranty, guarantee

or without additional pledge





Client’s account with Ameriabank and factoring amount turnover through it





Business history of the client

At least 1 year of operation after getting registered at the State Register of the RA


Payment against the assigned claim

Non-cash payment, 

installment payments permitted


Late payment fee per day**





*When approved, the fee for review is to be withheld from the Client's or Debtor's accounts with the Bank based on the conclusion/analysis conducted by the Bank's corresponding unit pursuant to the application for loan review (for the purpose of the given tariff no changes in the terms of signed application for cession of monetary claim shall be deemed as review, unless otherwise provided for in the resolution of the Bank's authorized body).

** In case of actual application of fines and penalties their annual rate and/or total sum of fines and penalties shall be regulated by applicable limits defined under the legislation of Armenia.

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