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Ինկասո, Инкассо, Collection

You trust your partner-buyer, yet you want to control payment against the commodity, we offer a simple foreign trade payment instrument i.e. collection.

 Collection is a simple payment document, whereby the exporter (seller) transfers through the bank documents to the importer (buyer), in view of receiving payment. The bank does not assume any payment liability and acts solely in the capacity of an agent/transferor of documents.


1. Collection issued by Customer’s order (Seller’s Collection)

1.1 Issuing collection orders

0.2%, minimum AMD 20,000 maximum AMD 250,000

1.2 Amending collection order

AMD 25,000

2. Collection issued in the name of client (Buyer’s Collection)


2.1 Notice of collection order (or amendment thereto)

AMD 15,000

2.2 Payment/acceptance of collection order

0,1%, minimum AMD 7,500, maximum AMD 50,000

Mailing/communication expenses are charged at the amount of their actual costs


Ինկասո, Инкассо, Collection

Advantages of collection as compared to open account payment  

  • In case of collection, documents are delivered solely against payment or acceptance, and in case of open account payment – after the receipt of commodity.
  • Collection is regulated by Uniform Rules of International Chamber of Commerce. 

Ways of Collection payment

  •  D/P – Document against Payment
  • D/A – Document against Acceptance 

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