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Please be informed that the credit obligations of our customers from the following groups have been reviewed:

  • Citizens of Armenia who have been called up for military service or are taking part (voluntarily or compulsorily) in military operations, provided that reasonable proof of such fact has been made available to the Bank (according to the reference issued by the military commissariat, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, the Union of Yerkrapah Volunteers or any other document that in the Bank opinion is a reasonable proof of participation in military operations) 
  • Citizens injured during military operations provided that reasonable proof of such fact has been made available to the Bank
  • Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs running their business or registered in Artsakh, as well as individuals actually resident in Artsakh, 
  • Other individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs having their center of vital interests in Artsakh*.

Please be informed that for the above specified customers accrual of interest, fines, penalties and service fees under loans (including lines of credit, overdraft), consumer finance, lease agreements in the period from September 30, 2020, to November 30, 2020, shall terminate (including agreements signed by individuals qualifying for the conditions specified herein, that signed the agreement with the bank as individual entrepreneurs). In case of customers participating in military operations (conscripts), accrual shall terminate from the beginning of the month of conscription to the last day of the month when they return from conscription, but in any case until November 30, 2020 (inclusive), Moreover, if the fact of conscription or participation in military operations is not confirmed on the basis of a certificate issued by the military commissariat, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia or the Union of Yerkrapah Volunteers, but at the Bank’s judgment the credibility of the information is proved on other grounds, the Bank will terminate only accrual of the fines and penalties under the respective agreements of such citizens payable for the months following the periods during which such clients had overdue obligations.

Customers, as well as immediate family members (i.e, father, mother, sibling, child, spouse) of conscripts and the customers participating in the military operations, who have no overdue liabilities at the time of the review or whose liabilities become overdue only during the current month, will be allowed a deferral of payment obligations under loans (including line of credit, overdraft), consumer finance, lease agreements until November 30, if the liability payable on the next repayment day of the given month has not been repaid or has been repaid partially. Accordingly, the due date will be extended by the number of months of payment deferral (one or two months). In case of overdrafts and credit line, the due date will be extended only if it expires. The principal amount unpaid during this period will be redistributed over the remaining repayment period, and the accrued interest will be due on the next repayment date. In cases when the accrual of interest/service fees continues:

  • Interest accrued on credit and lease obligations will be redistributed over the 6 months following the deferral period, and if less than 6 months is remaining until the due date, the interest will be distributed over the remaining repayment period. 
  • Payment of the service fees under consumer finance will be due on the last date of the extended repayment schedule.  

If the customer has paid  interest/service fees or penalties before the proof of their participation in the military operations/conscription becomes available to the Bank, this amount will be either (i) used to repay the loan obligations or (ii) used for early repayment of the loan principal or (iii) returned to the customer.

Please note that revision of loan obligations applies only to loans up to AMD 25 million (or its equivalent in foreign currency). If the amount of your obligations is above the specified threshold, please approach any of Ameriabank branches, in which event each borrower will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

For additional information, please, call +374 10 561111.

Any actions aimed at the acceptance of this public offer or ensuring that the conditions defined herein are met will be considered acceptance of all the conditions specified in this offer.


* For the purpose of this offer, whether or not the center of vital interests is in Artsakh is determined by the Bank. If you would like to check if you qualify for the specified criteria, please contact the Bank.

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