11 Tips For Safe Online Shopping
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·         Do not shop on websites with strange or funny names such michа, chа, bigsа, etc. Do not provide your card details, such as card number, validity term, CVV/CVC, to unknown websites.

·       Shop only on those sites which protect your data. Before entering your card details and making purchases check to make sure that the website address begins with https:// and a security report in the form of small image of padlock is displayed in front of or next to it. Do not use the site, if you see the “your connection is not secure” message.

·         Do not open links in social media (Facebook, Instragram, etc.) which contain ads and tell about won prizes or redirect you to online stores offering discounts and deals too good to be true, such as bigsа

·         Before opening the links sent to your personal email address make sure the email is really sent by the official representative of the particular brand.

·         Do not register your card details on any site. Register in PayPal instead and use your PayPal wallet to make payments.

·         Make sure to shop only on those sites which provide a feedback tool, such as live chat 24/7.

·         Do not use other people’s computers or public computers. 

·         Do not use free unprotected public WiFi networks.

·         If you have several accounts with various online shops, use a different password for each. Do not save your card details on any site, do not let systems or browsers remember your login and password.

·         Check to make sure that there are Verified By Visa, Mastercard secure code, Paypal verified links on the site which should redirect you to real sites of these companies.

·         Generally it is highly advisable to use a separate card just for online shopping. Do not use your credit card or other cards you normally make payments with.

Remember also, that Ameriabank has a 24/7 card monitoring service. If you notice any suspicious transaction, learn that your card details have become known to a third party or lose your card, immediately contact us at +374 10561111.

You can block your card also via USSD service. Simply send *116# USSD code from the phone number registered with the bank and follow the instructions. You are free to block your card also via ARCA application which is available at PlayMarket or App Store.

For more information about USSD service please click here.

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