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Car Loans

Planning to buy a car or replace the old one? Ameriabank offers car loans available for Republic of Armenia (RA) and Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR) resident citizens.


List of Car Dealers cooperating with Ameriabank CJSC






List of Car Dealers cooperating with Ameriabank CJSC


The car financed is used as collateral. If the car is purchased from the secondary market, the Bank may require additional pledge of real estate or another car satisfactory to the Bank.

Car loans currency 

Car loans are disbursed in AMD only in non-cash form by crediting the loan amount to the borrower’s account with the bank.
To get your car loan, please visit the bank.

Bank’s decision

The Bank makes an initial decision within 2 (two) banking days following receipt of the loan application. The final decision is made during no more than 8 (eight) business days after the client submits the complete set of required documents to the bank, and is communicated to the client within one business day. The loan proceeds are disbursed one business day after (i) the security agreements contemplated in the loan agreement are in place, i.e. are registered in form and substance satisfactory to the bank and signed pursuant to the Republic of Armenia legislation, (ii) the pledged assets are insured by the company cooperating with the bank, and (iii) the client has fulfilled all other mandatory requirements.
After the Bank has approved the loan application:

  • The Bank starts loan processing and disbursement process if the borrower confirms his/her intention to get the loan within 45 (forty-five) calendar days after receiving loan approval notice.
  • If the borrower confirms such intention after 45 (forty-five) calendar days following receiving loan approval notice, the loan approval decision needs to be re-approved.


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