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Investment Banking

An investment bank and a leader in brokerage services, Ameriabank executes various transactions with securities in the Armenian Stock Exchange, over-the-counter market (OTC market), as well as international specialized trading platforms.
Ameriabank is among the few banks in the Armenian financial industry, operating in international stock markets. Troika Dialog investment company which is the partner of the Bank constantly provides assistance to the bank ensuring access to stock markets worldwide.

Ameriabank is one of the rare banks in the Armenian financial market to perform investment services with securities in the international markets, particularly US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and other stock exchanges.

Ameriabank offers you round-the-clock, 7 days in a week access to stock markets in 19 countries through one account and enables you to trade in securities denominated in various currencies and be continuously on track with the global markets.
You will access the following benefits by opening a brokerage account with Ameriabank


 You will be needing Java to Run Ameria Gloabal Trading            Download the tutorial

Partnering, among others, HSBC Private Bank Geneve, BCS, Alfa Direct and Saxo Bank, Ameriabank is represented on international level. We are always there to assist and lead you through your brokerage transactions on major stock markets worldwide.
Since December 8, 2008 Ameriabank is a NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA securities clearing system member. For more information please visit  www.nasdaqomx.am.


Brokerage service: +37410 51 31 70; +37410 51 31 69; +37410 51 31 11 (1732, 1733)
Working hours: 11:00-20:00, brokerage@ameriabank.am

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Investment Banking Services

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Head Office: 9 Grigor Lusavorich str. Yerevan 0015, Armenia
Tel.: (+37410) 56 11 11 Fax: (+37410) 51 31 33

Toll Free:

+1 888 802 5352 in USA

 +44 80 00786252 in UK; +8 800 100 5611 in Russia

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